EHS tennis squeaks by Corsicana

District winning streak is now at 78 in a row for Lions, but barely

Patty Hullett
Daily Light correspondent
Ennis boys singles player Chance Kozlosky wins his match against Corsicana on Tuesday.

ENNIS — The Corsicana Tigers varsity tennis team came roaring into Ennis Tuesday afternoon with one goal in mind — to stop the Lions’ district winning streak. And they battled fiercely on the Ennis ISD courts on a perfectly cool day for high school tennis matches.

The majority of the required 19 matches went down to the wire. The Tigers have improved greatly over the past couple of years, and they gave the Ennis players all they could ask for in form of all-out effort on Tuesday. In fact, they were still playing as the sun set around 7 p.m., and the team game count was closely contested at 9 wins for EHS and 8 for CHS.

The final result came at the hands of two senior girls’ singles matches to determine the district fate for the Lions of Ennis. After two long, battle royale situations, Ennis’ two victorious winners that ran the EHS final team count to 11 to 8 were: #2 singles player Victoria Berry and #3 singles player Abigail Fritszche.

According to Ennis assistant coach Wyatt Johnson, at the conclusion of the 7 doubles matches, Ennis was atop in the team count at 4 to 3. Next, came a lot of grueling, long contests that had led to the nail-biter at the end.

“It doesn’t get much better as far as tennis rivalries that Ennis vs. Corsicana, and the Tigers came ready to play on Tuesday,” Ennis head coach Keith Howard said. “I was so excited on the following morning (Wednesday) after the big win, that I couldn’t sleep and got up at 4:30 in the morning. I couldn’t stop smiling all day long. Still hard to believe that the Lions were able to defend that win streak. Great job by all of my varsity players!”