Letter: Satirical eye

Waxahachie Daily Light

What we have here is a radical agenda by a great majority of Americans to return to the extremism of rampant normalcy.

Where the fringe concept of the traditional respect of each others opinion while working together towards a more perfect union. Of where gathering together under a single banner of unity instead of those offering exclusive representation is known as true patriotism.

We must stand firm in the squalor of either end of the political spectrum waving our flags and signs rather than joining the great vastness of a bountiful land of reason, toiled for us by the hands of our forefathers and secured by the lives of our brethren and sisters. 

Where the freedom of thought is such without first agreeing with our own.

A place where the truth is not run through our filters and can be breathed in its purity. 

A country that continues to evolve to the ideals of its founding or mutates in temporal, narcissistic benefit.

Who wants a country like that?

Tis America.

Alan Fox/Waxahachie