Letter to the editor: Turning the crank

Staff Writer
Waxahachie Daily Light

Something from my youth that provided a treat on a warm summer's day and a valuable lesson simultaneously was the making of homemade ice cream. The wooden bucket, the metal container containing wonderful ingredients, the ice and rock salt and the cranking mechanism all were there. Yet, that in itself didn't make the ice cream.

Now, at my family gatherings when the ice cream was made, the adults would prepare everything but it was up to us kids to crank the handle. The rule was ten minutes turning would get you ice cream. No crank, no ice cream. So with sore shoulders and wet hands, we lined up with empty bowls and spoons and received the bounty of our labors, which we hurriedly ate before the day's heat melted it, well worth the resulting brain freeze.

Our City Council works very similarly. The ingredients and mechanisms are there to provide us with what we wish. All we need to do is make the effort to turn the crank.

At the last Council meeting, two items were approved that had well over 50 related negative comments on a local Facebook page. Yet, not one person appeared before the council and spoke against the actions during the public comments specifically available for that purpose. No one turned the crank. But a lot complained about no ice cream.

One receives what others decide to give them. Or what they make themselves. That is what will be in your bowl.

City Council meets every First and third Mondays, 7 pm, city hall. Or watch the livestream online.

Alan Fox/Waxahachie.