Ansell: ’Do not doubt in light what God has taught us in the dark’

Staff Writer
Waxahachie Daily Light
Ken Ansell

Greg Laurie is a pastor and evangelist out of California. I saw he is preaching a new sermon series: End Times, Living Like Jesus Will Return Any Moment. Things To Do Before The End Of The World. I don’t know anything about the sermon, but that is some title and it makes you think!

Solomon told us there is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3), so I guess there is a time to think about what time it is! I wonder if Pastor Laurie is hoping we will create a spiritual “bucket list” and get busy about God’s business?

I know we live in “thorny” times (Matthew 13), and the cares of this world tend to choke out God in our everyday lives. And the Apostle Paul told the Church at Rome to “wake up” from their slumber. (Romans 13) I know the pandemic shutdown made some of us spiritually lazy, but some of us have been busier than ever. The Blonde and I have started three different discipleship groups online (not bragging, just saying), so the virus has done in some ways what we have let it do. In other words, don’t make Covid-19 your scapegoat.

I have a friend who is a famous pastor and is on television and the radio all the time, and recently he told me, “Ken, we should not doubt in light what God has taught us in the dark. Don’t let hard circumstances NOT be a place of growth, learning and doing.”

Do you remember the story in Luke 24? The risen Jesus is walking down the road to Emmaus with some disciples and they almost missed it … I wonder if we actually do miss it … miss Jesus opportunities, I mean.

Everybody was busy before we started staying home and social distancing, but busy doing what? God showed us that He can shut things down very quickly, and if we are not thinking about what is really important then, well - I’m not allowed to cuss so I will just leave it at that (I can’t cuss because my mother and Jesus read this every week).

I once pastored a very “seeker sensitive” church. We ran big numbers and I baptized a lot of people, we grew and we grew, but as time went on, I felt like I was producing a show every week. All week long I was busy, tweaking the service, how could we make it better, how could we make it bigger?! How could we create events that were greater than the last one? Everything had to be perfect, the sound, printed material, the music, the sermon especially. Something didn’t seem right about that. God was good during that season, but I grew weary and I began to question what we were doing, what is this about anyway?

What I’m saying is during this time off, it has become about what it is supposed to be about, a relationship. It has not been a time of busy but of serious reflection, a time of grounding, a time of serious discipleship, a time to ask what is this about? Jesus said there would be fruit (Matthew 7), so this has been a time of asking like the little old lady on the Wendy’s commercial, “Where the fruit? (beef)”.

If you have not taken the time to think about the “things to do before Jesus comes back”, you should. I’d get serious about it and stop what is keeping me “busy” and get a pen and a piece of paper and begin to pray about these things and let the Holy Spirit (Ghost if you are King James person) lead you and then repent of the busy work and get busy about His business. He told me to tell you that.