Letter: Tackling plastic pollution

Waxahachie Daily Light

Hello, I attend school at Bennington College. Living in Texas my entire life has been such a different experience from attending school in Bennington, Vermont. Despite the cultural differences between Texas and Vermont, it has also demonstrated the importance of decreasing Plastic Pollution and how this contributes to Climate Change. In Vermont, the local government and communities have been working tremendously to decrease plastic use; they currently charge a fee if you use plastic bags at local grocery stores; this encourages residents to use reusable bags. Texas produces 10 times more plastic pollution than any other Gulf Coast state; Texans, I challenge you to look for alternatives for plastic. Instead of plastic bags, invest in reusable tote bags; instead of plastic water bottles, invest in reusable water bottles. Not only do these alternatives reduce Plastic Pollution, but they also save you money, and who doesn’t want that! As Earth Day passed, I was reminded of the importance and how crucial it is for us as Texans to do our part and care for our homes. We take pride in our state; this is our home, our responsibility to care for our state; small changes such as investing in plastic alternatives are one step in the right direction. Let’s challenge one another, and we want to take care of our land, our nation, and our planet. Not only do I challenge you to do this for yourself and your health, but I challenge you to do this for your future kids, grandchildren, and future generations of Texans; this is our land and their land; let’s keep it alive, clean and maintained for our future. We are the example; everything in Texas is bigger now; let’s make that impact bigger, if we all contribute even the slightest bit, you might not think it much, but it is! Thank you for your time; let’s be the change.

Andrea Morantes/Houston