Hollingsworth: Waxahachie ISD is listening

Dr. Jerry Hollingsworth, WISD superintendent

If you’ve never lived outside of this corner of the world, you might think that every school district is filled with exceptional students, highly skilled and committed teachers and staff, families that support our young people in every learning experience and extracurricular activity in which they endeavor, and a community that wants our schools to be successful in every way. 

You might think that, but you would be mistaken. Waxahachie ISD is uniquely situated to be the standard bearer for learning in our region.

 Since my arrival a short time ago, I have spent a lot of time learning and listening to our leaders about Waxahachie. In some 50+ conversations with principals, district leaders, and community leaders, I’ve learned that we have deep pride in Indian Green. We acknowledge growth and change are inevitable, but we believe we can hold on to the feel of “small town-ness”  that makes our community more than just a generic suburb.  

The next steps in listening have begun.  

On each of our 16 campuses, we are conducting “Lunch & Listen” sessions for our teachers and staff – opportunities to visit face-to-face about our hopes and dreams for Waxahachie ISD. Additionally, our staff are sharing ways that we can grow and improve as we work to make WISD an exceptional place to learn.  

For all members of our community, we are inviting you to fill out our Vision Survey at https://www.wisd.org/apps/pages/VisionValues.  Between now and Thursday, October 21, please share this survey with your neighbors, your church small groups, and the civic organizations in our community.  We want to hear the thousands of voices that make up Waxahachie ISD.  

From your voices, we will articulate the clear core values that we hold as a community.  From your words, we will establish a lasting vision that will guide our work in the years to come.

Dr. Jerry D. Hollingsworth serves as the superintendent of Waxahachie Independent School District.