Letter: Support for John Wray

Waxahachie Daily Light

I just wanted to express my support for John Wray for House District 10. Firstly, John and Michelle are empathetic people. They care for their constituents' needs far wider than just the scope at the state house. He's the kind of many who gives to charity anonymously.

John has accomplished the American dream. In faith, family, community and business. He is a role model for the younger generation. Ellis County has had a tumultuous and bumpy representative road in Austin and Washington over the past two years, beginning with COVID-19 and the death of Congressman Wright.

Things are stabilizing but there is a long way to go. As these special sessions take root in Austin, it is vital that we have John with his past legislative experience on the ground running. Not to mention his past built-up seniority. I humbly ask you and your neighbors to vote for John Wray.

Mike White, Precinct 117 Chair, Ellis County/Waxahachie