Letter: Predictions for UT and OU

Waxahachie Daily Light

Texas and Oklahoma skipped out of the Big 12 for the money, leaving their brothers and sisters to fend for themselves, but except money what will they gain?

Texas has not been a major force in Big 12 football or basketball in several years. In the last four years since the championship game was started again how many trips has Texas made to the championship game? One. Texas will become the next Arkansas. Arkansas left the old Southwest Conference to join the big boys in the SEC. They have become doormats in their division. Texas A&M has done better after they hired a $75 million coach, but still don't have a championship. I predict within five years Texas and Arkansas will tie again, except at the wrong end.

Oklahoma has ruled the Big 12 football hands down but when they have to start playing the tough games every week it will be a different story. Oklahoma always has a good first team, but their problem is second and third team. I predict Oklahoma within the first five years will be in the middle of their division. After that they could trend down. When you are at the top you get choice recruits, but when they move to the middle, not so.

Except for the money, both schools will have a very tough time, but they have the money and that is what it is all about, right?

David Hudgins/Waxahachie