Letter: In support of Christenson

Waxahachie Daily Light

The City of Waxahachie is facing many challenges today.  Two of the challenges facing our City are that growth needs to be better planned, and our streets need repair.  But the number one problem facing our City is our ever soaring property taxes.  The high property taxes are forcing long time residents out of their homes. We need good government in Waxahachie.

We need qualified leadership in our City Government to control spending, fix our streets, appropriately manage our growth, and keep our City affordable.  Paul Christenson is the most qualified candidate running for Waxahachie City Council that can provide the leadership that we need to take our City into the future and stop the ever increasing tax burden.  Here’s why:

Paul Christenson is a Certified Public Accountant and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Mr. Christenson has over 25 years experience providing leadership to businesses and governments to help them improve their services, cut waste, and improve their planning.  He now wants to do this for us, the people of Waxahachie.

If you are on Nextdoor, you can find the post that Mr. Christenson prepared describing his qualifications to serve us.  It is entitled:  “Paul Christenson, Statement of Qualifications to Serve on Waxahachie City Council”.

If you are on Facebook, you can find his qualifications on his campaign page “Paul Christenson for Waxahachie City Council”.

This is an important race for the future of Waxahachie.  Everyone needs to get out and vote. 

Lacy Barnaby/Waxahachie