Letter: Support Paul Christenson

Waxahachie Daily Light

We need better representation on City Council in Waxahachie. 

Our current City Council took over six years ago.  One of their first actions was to replace our conservative city manager.  Over that same time period we saw our property taxes skyrocket, while our City Council has told us that property taxes were not increased.  But we know better because we all pay the taxes and have felt the impact on our mortgage escrows and our personal budgets.  Many of us are now seeking to leave our city and are forced out of our homes due to the high tax bills.  And with the high tax bills we have seen no improvement in city services while our streets are crumbling.

And not only have our property taxes skyrocketed, our debt burden has too with $23 million in new debt issued just last year, bringing our total debt burden to over $180 million! 

Paul Christenson is uniquely qualified to work for us.  He will bring 30 years of experience helping governments and business to operate effectively and improve services that does not currently exist on our City Council.   Mr. Christenson is a devout conservative and will represent us, the forgotten families and men and women of Waxahachie.   Over the last couple of years Mr. Christenson has proven his commitment to the people of Waxahachie, and has spoken for us and against the high taxes and wasteful spending without any planning.   We need his experience and expertise to direct our city and focus our tax dollars on what is important to us.

Lacy Barnaby/Waxahachie