Letter: Wallace a selfless servant

Waxahachie Daily Light

It is an honor to author an enthusiastic letter of support for City Council candidate Billie Wallace. Having known Billie for nearly/over 20 years, I can personally testify to her decades-long dedication to service above self. Whether it was as a neighbor who always offered a helping hand and a watchful eye for our neighborhood, as a police officer serving to keep our city safe, or as a community servant through organizations like Rotary, Billie has continuously sought a place in the community that allows others to be lifted, protected, and cared for by her role.

The City of Waxahachie would be blessed by her placement on the City Council because she would bring her extensive experience and knowledge of public safety and community action to public service during a time in which our city is growing rapidly. Her guidance and heart would certainly be attentive to the needs of the individual, of the city, and the values of courtesy and community that Waxahachie represents. Billie is a dynamic "rallier of the masses" whenever a person is down—she brings her dynamic network of friends and citizens together to raise one’s spirit and help put people on the right path. Billie will be a dynamic council member too, using her network and experience to raise the city’s spirit and put our town on the right path too. Vote Billie Wallace May 1, 2021, or race to the polls for early voting beginning April 19, 2021.

Carrie Mismash/Waxahachie