Letter: We care for community

Waxahachie Daily Light

As we reflect on February’s devastating storm, we need to celebrate and further enable the parts of our system which worked, including Freestanding ERs. They were lifesavers throughout Texas, treating patients with weather-related injuries and COVID-19 on top of the routine emergency patients.  The storm crippled necessary infrastructure leaving patients and facilities without water, power, and other basic needs. Some Freestanding ERs had to rely on backup generators to continue treating patients. Their resilience and convenient locations resulted in ambulances across the state taking patients to Freestanding ERS when they couldn’t make it to a hospital. My facility in Waxahachie, we had staff stay at nearby hotels. Our nurses and doctors worked multiple shifts because no one could safely release them. Everyone contributed to ensuring excellent patient care. Employees brought in food and water for staff and patients. I am proud of our team and the lengths they went to make sure our community had access to emergency during the storm. This past year has undeniably proven between the storm and the pandemic, we take care of our community, no matter what!

Terry Mitchell/Waxahachie