Letter: A thank-you for Pence

Waxahachie Daily Light

Normally, at the end of a president's term, I would thank them and their family for their service to our country. I did with G. W. Bush and Barack Obama. Seemed to be the right thing to do as a citizen.

That will not happen with Donald Trump. It is not a matter of partisanship or my disillusion with his policies but for the simple fact that he was never in service to our country. Rather insistent on our country being in service to him personally. Farewell.

Instead I will extend my thanks to Mike Pence and his family for their contributions. His actions and grace showed great class and decency. As he moved beyond the party, he showed what true service to our country is all about. And as I watched him at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, I saw a great example of what an American should be. And great hope for America.

Sure, we all love our country. But it is not here for you or me but for us. All of us. Americans. No need for anything more.

Alan Fox/Waxahachie.