Letter: For David Hill

Waxahachie Daily Light

I am a lifelong resident of Waxahachie and have seen stagnant times and now rapid growth. With this growth I believe it is imperative that we have leadership that knows our City’s history, traditions, nuances, and culture and takes these things into account when deciding as a City Council Member how to direct the growth, finances and capital projects.

David Hill has excelled in the leading our City Council as Mayor. Before becoming Mayor, he served multiple terms as a Councilman. Following in the footsteps of Mayor Kevin Strength, he has not only continued but expanded the updates to our infrastructure. He has spearheaded complete corridor remodels that include replacing worn out streets including replacing all the infrastructure underneath those roads and adding or replacing sidewalks in these corridors, all without raising our tax rates. As a matter of fact Mayor Hill supported and voted to decrease the City Tax Rate from .68 per $100 to .66 per $100 in property value.

Paul Christenson is Mayor Hill’s opponent. His strategy is to disparage the current Council and Mayor, via the internet, using a popular Social Media application targeting newer residents with incorrect information and false innuendo. He led a false narrative that the City was trying to raise your City taxes by 8% when he knew that the City had announced their intention to lower the city tax rate and an 8% increase would require voter approval. 

Mayor Hill has not only led the city but also served as President of the local Rotary Club which has the moto “Service Above Self”. Many don’t know that he retired from being an active Home Builder so that he would not have any conflicts of interest when serving on our City Council.  

Do we want someone leading our City who will manipulate information to get votes? Anyone can promise to cut your taxes with no plan on how to pay for operating the City.  If you want the street program, sidewalk program, infrastructure upgrades, and park improvements to stop, then vote for Mr. Hill’s opponent. If you want a knowledgeable, experienced, honest, selfless Councilman that has a servant’s heart, please cast your vote for OUR Mayor, David Hill. 

Chris Wright/Waxhachie