Letter: Support Hill, Strength and Barnes

Waxahachie Daily Light

Never in my lifetime of almost 80 years have I ever known of an election that had  the critical importance and significance regarding the future of our city, state, nation and yes, WORLD as we face the Elections of 2020 in just over 1 week .  Nationally, the outcome will determine if we remain the republic of freedoms & capitalism where one can achieve whatever his or her dream may be or one of Socialistic Communism where BIG government dictates everything we do and have. 

For now, I will focus this letter on the races to fill 3 seats on the Waxahachie City Council.  Last week after returning home from a brief stay in the hospital, I read in another local publication about the upcoming  City Council race.  I was previously aware that there were some factions within our wonderful community who would like to introduce their negative ideas into the long-term development of Waxahachie. .  They were addressed in the article..  Fellow Citizens of Waxahachie, we simply cannot allow this to happen.  Too many people and organizations have worked too hard for many years to achieve the level of success we reached in this year 2020 for that to happen. 

As of the last couple of years we have seen wonderful results of these many years of planning and working to achieve these goals.  Success is all around us as we enjoy hundreds of beautifully restored historic properties; a vibrant assortment of businesses  to the north; addition of parks with new developments along with upgrades of existing parks;  many choices of eateries; beautiful residential developments  which appeal l to quality families  drawn to the area; and last but surely NOT LEAST, a BEAUTIFUL & VIBRANT downtown historic district full of restaurants, museums, specialty shops, art galleries, entertainment venues and special events.

Two candidates seeking another term on the Council are incumbent Mayor David Hill and immediate Past Mayor Kevin Strength. Then recently retired Economic Development Director for the City of Waxahachie, Doug Barnes.is seeking his first term on the Council.  I have known these 3 individuals for many years and worked with them on various projects. They are greatly responsible for many Waxahachie successes to date.  All are very generous with their time and have donated countless hours as well as their talents to creating the beautiful and vibrant city we enjoy in 2020. With more rapid growth coming our way, we MUST plan and be ready for it.  Infrastructure of particularly the historic parts of town must be updated.  For a well-planned and developed Waxahachie,  I strongly urge you to VOTE for and ELECT these three outstanding members of our community to fill the three seats up for election 2020!

Edwin (Ed) Farrar/Waxahachie