Letter: In support of David Hill

Waxahachie Daily Light

When we lay claim to the ground we are standing on, we need to remember it is connected to ground around us. And that is connected to the ground around it. And so on. 

Which in this case is our fair city of Waxahachie. We can build a fence, dig a trench, etc. around our individual properties but cannot remove that solid fact. We are here together.  We have a common ground to work with. Always.  And that is a matter of want, not physicality. 

Mayor David Hill has that want. During his time at City Hall. he has shown this time and time again. And most importantly, he has a servants heart. Let me illustrate.

 A knock on my door. I answered. David Hill was on my porch. An issue was before the council and he was wanting my opinion. Something rare coming from an elected official. At that time, we were nothing more than fellow citizens finding common ground. As he always does with others. What was impressive is that he sought me out, not the opposite.

Please join me in voting for David Hill for Waxahachie City Council place 1. For he represents nothing more than the positive welfare of Waxahachie. Common ground for all of us.

Alan Fox/Waxahachie