Letter: Support Tiffany Carra

Waxahachie Daily Light

 I met Tiffany about two years ago, when my husband and I moved here from Dallas. (I grew up here, but I lived elsewhere for about 10 years before moving back.) When I reentered the community, I ran into Tiffany more and more. When we met we found common ground in our interests and in our family lives.

The more I got to know Tiffany, the more I liked her. Tiffany plummets herself deeply into everything in which she is involved. I could always count on her to be extremely well-informed in all she put her hand to. Tiffany attends just about every council meeting she can, and when she can’t, she’s catching up with the minutes or the recorded live streams. When something arises that she doesn’t know about, she researches the issue to the fullest. That plus her close communications with the councilmen and the mayor, as well as other committees and groups in Midlothian, has led her to have a great understanding in the workings of our town.

There are two things she brings with her candidacy: 1) If elected the council will now have the female perspective - representing all women of our town. 2) She brings the perspective of new families. Her husband Sean grew up here, but Tiffany did not. I see the word “outsider” or “foreigner” get thrown around on the various Midlothian Facebook pages, referring to people who have moved here in the last 10-15 years. Tiffany does not consider herself to be an outsider. Though she hasn’t lived here for 40 years like some, this is her town and she wants to represent those who have come to make their home here.

To boil it down, here are my main reasons I’m voting for Tiffany Carra:

1.    She is incredibly informed and knowledgeable about Midlothian’s workings and infrastructure. 

2.    Her motivation is always for the good of the people around her, instead of what’s good for her own interests.

3.    She brings to the table an alternative perspective: namely that she is a woman, wife, and mother.

4.    She is not a lifelong resident, which represents the growing demographic of new families in this town. Their voices can be heard now.

Sarah Wilkinson/Midlothian