Letters to the editor: Wishing for calmer US

Staff Writer
Waxahachie Daily Light

I abhor the violence. Whether from those who pervert the right of peaceful protest that harm those who bravely stand for a civil society or from those who conduct themselves unnecessarily in meeting that end. They both are the minuscule exceptions to a more moral majority.

Yet that is what is happening. Not because of a political adherence or a lack of. Not consuming whole communities or states as a result of the aforementioned. But because of the sensationalistic commentary offered, focusing on the incident without giving its position in context of a total narrative. And, primarily, of Americans behaving badly, both in the assertion of our rights and in our observations.

I stand behind the law and order. I stand for the right of grievances to be addressed. I will not give up one to achieve the other. Or choose sides based on nothing more than shallow political rhetoric whatever its source. For that only inflames the violence and weakens our society.

If we wish for a calmer America, we should be calm. Not ignorant of the situation but how we choose to respond to it, as with anything that affects our safety directly or indirectly. We should be as peaceful as warranted. We should honestly inform ourselves. Most importantly we should address the violence with positive action and thought.

How we participate will show our intent to help the civility or continue the chaos. For our involvement using the full depth of personal intellect and responsible citizenship or the provided shallow exploitation will determine in which we will live. If we are looking for national leadership to provide that for us, we've already chosen.

Alan Fox/Waxahachie

Dysfunctional government

Speaker Pelosi has allowed the House to function much as a dysfunctional union. If she decides she doesn't like an issue or action, she whines her disapproval and either has the members act out or walkout. Our government has failed the American people and we need to take it back.

I guess first step is to "vote out" incumbents in favor of some reality-based new blood. Second step may be to set term limits. Then we need to review campaign contributions and lobbying regulations and get some control over wealthy and powerful overlords who rule for their personal and special interests. These actions may give the people more control over their government, but it remains an uphill battle.

Peter Stern/Driftwood