WDL: Trump for POTUS

WDL Editorial Staff
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, in Greensboro, N.C.

Any other choice for President of the United States would be an irresponsible and dangerous one. While Mr. Trump hasn’t always been the candidate we believe best represents the conservative movement in America, we do know that Hillary Clinton embodies the kind of risk this country can ill afford ... particularly given the damage of the last eight painful, destructive years.

Mr. Trump gives America a chance to restore the goodness found in her longstanding commitment to leadership in the world, to the restoration of her strength in militaristic resolve, to the dynamics of her capitalism and collective wealth, to the empathy and compassion for the unborn and downtrodden, to the respect for law and law enforcement and to having passion for defending America against barbaric, unabashed evil both at home and abroad. No candidate is perfect, but in Mr. Trump’s case, we believe his willingness to surround himself with those who know what they’re doing and that his intent to reverse course of nearly every direction down which we’ve been dragged is exactly what America needs at this point in her history.

The essence of Donald Trump’s experience as a business leader who understands what it means to create and build, to negotiate and stand firm, to employ people and treat them fairly and to shoot straight with all Americans is the antidote to what Hillary Clinton represents. Mr. Trump’s commitment to fill seats on the Supreme Court with fierce constitutional arbiters is essential for the sustainability of the United States and his stated intent to close our borders to illegal immigrants is necessary to keep us safe. This is the time for American politics to be uprooted in a way that enables the country to shed the corruption of the past while embracing a new approach to governing that permeates the fertile soil of opportunity, strength, innovation and hope in America. Mr. Trump is the man to do it.

Above all, America deserves to be freed from the fetters of liberal thinking and Democrat party shenanigans. America needs to be reunited with her God-given foundation and she need not ever again be disrespected by a President who cares so little for her future. This great country can, in fact, be greater as long as the one at the top is willing to put her first and serve the American people with conviction and determination. The time is now for America to travel a path destined for increased wages, lower taxes, a powerful military, love for the unborn, impenetrable borders, adherence to the Constitution and a reliance on the God of the universe.

The time has come to elect Donald Trump.