City Council Place 2 candidate questionnaire: Patrick Souter

Daily Light report

Name: Patrick Souter

Current profession: Attorney, Baylor Law Professor and Small Business Owner

Political Party: Republican even though we are running without political designations

Elected office sought: Waxahachie City Council, Place 2

Previous political experience: None

Family: My wife, Lori Souter


Why are you seeking this office? I was encouraged to run for Waxahachie City Council by numerous citizens who held the common belief that they did not have voice in how the City operates, questioned why certain business arrangements are entered into and complained of the lack of transparency. I want to be a voice for all who live in Waxahachie and offer a new perspective on how the City operates. I will bring my legal and business experience to the Waxahachie City Council so there is confidence that decisions made are the correct one. Rather than saying Yes or No to a proposal, I want to first ask Why should we do something to make sure that it is the right decision. The City Council needs to vote only after considering all of the alternatives to assure ourselves it is the best decision. A citizen should never question whether they are adequately represented and I want to make sure that feeling does not continue.

What distinguishes you from other candidates for this office? I possess the understanding and skills necessary to analyze what makes business and legal sense while also balancing that with being fiscally responsible. As a practicing attorney and Baylor Law School professor, I analyze legal arrangements on a daily basis to ensure they are justified based upon the facts presented to achieve the desired result. As a small business owner, I have to create a budget and operate under it to make the best use of the funds available especially when an unexpected event occurs. I am the only candidate with the business, legal and financial training and experience to accomplish doing this for the citizens of Waxahachie.

What do you consider the key issues of this election? We need to focus on improving infrastructure but not to the detriment of harming the lifestyle that we enjoy that includes historical residences and buildings. These improvements should benefit the entire city and not just a segment of it and be accomplished with fiscal responsibility. Additionally, there needs to be a review of those arrangements that the City has entered into with third parties based upon the representations made to ensure that they have in fact carried out those obligations. The City should not allow those arrangements to go unchecked especially if it has cost taxpayer funds or otherwise harms the City. Finally, the City and its business and community leaders need to provide as much support to the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce to get not just retail businesses to come here but employers who will pay good wages and provide benefits. This will benefit the citizens while increasing our tax base to provide relief to individuals who shoulder so much of the tax burden.

What are the greatest challenges facing the city and how do you plan to address those challenges, if elected? It is imperative that we deal with the infrastructure issue but do so in a fiscally responsible manner. The growth is staggering and we already have issues with our current infrastructure that places us behind where we need to be. I would revisit the City’s multi-year plan on a yearly basis to determine if it needs to be revised depending upon current issues that arise.

What do you most want to make sure voters know about you? I will ask questions and only vote for items that benefit the entire City and its quality of life and be transparent so that people feel that I am available to discuss these matters. I will also utilize my legal and business skills to analyze arrangements and be satisfied that they make sense.