City Council Place 4 candidate questionnaire: Billie Wallace

Waxahachie City Council candidate Billie Wallace answers questions for the June 5 runoff election

Daily Light report
Billie Wallace.

Name: Billie Wallace

Current Profession: Fraud Investigator

Elected Office Sought: Waxahachie City Council Place 4

Previous Political Experience: Treasurer for District Judge Race

Family: Spouse is William Wallace, District Judge 378th Judicial District Court. Daughter is Andi Wallace, 20-year-old commercial pilot.


Why are you seeking this office?

I am seeking this office to bring my leadership and experience with this city to this office, after serving in city government for the city of Waxahachie for 30 years as a police officer. I had a very distinguished career with the Waxahachie Police Department, promoting through the ranks. I had a career of “firsts” and I paved the way for upcoming female police officers. I was the first female officer in the history of the department to hold rank, first female corporal, detective, lieutenant, swat team member, swat team commander, and certified hostage negotiator. Running for this important position has been a desire of mine for more than a decade.

What distinguishes you from other candidates for this office?

My lifelong experience and service to this city. I have been serving the citizens of Waxahachie for more than 40 years. I have served on numerous boards of directors in Waxahachie and I am the current president of the Rotary Club of Waxahachie, a service club more than 100 years old. My entire life has been dedicated to improving Waxahachie, my hometown that I love.

What do you consider the key issues of this election?

I consider the key issues in this election to be for the voters to vote for the best candidate, yielding the best bang for their buck. Select the candidate that will be productive in resolving issues that arises on city council and the candidate that can work best with the other council members. Each council member is one vote. Don’t let any candidate fool you into thinking they can make major changes for the taxpayers if elected, all by themselves. Voters should select the candidate that has served in Waxahachie, and knows this city the best. Also, select the candidate that has a verifiable work history. Words mean nothing, without the proof to back up the information. The last key issue is the voters must select a proven leader that will make good sound decisions all the time. One candidate in place 4 has proven otherwise during the run-off, in attempt to get a leg up. 

What are the greatest challenges facing the city and how do you plan to address those challenges, if elected?

Growth, infrastructure, tax burden, and streets that need repaired. If elected, I will assist in better managing growth. Just because a development or a business wants to come to Waxahachie, it does not mean they should or that they will. I want to assist in ensuring a good fit for Waxahachie, short and long-term. I want to ensure that Waxahachie is getting the most from the developments and businesses that are permitted to move into our city. Polling our citizens is a great way for feedback and it facilitates better relationships between citizens and city council.

Any tax is too much. Even though taxes are necessary, we should always work to lower the tax burden on our citizens. Streets lacked the attention necessary in previous years, so now we are playing catch-up. Let’s hope to get ahead of the curve by continuing to maintain our streets.

What do you most want to make sure voters know about you?

I want to make sure the voters know how much I appreciate their hard work by going to the polls the first and second time. I appreciate the love, support, prayers, and contributions. Without your help, I could not do this alone. I want to continue working for you, representing you, ensuring you have what you need to be safe and comfortable, living here in our great city of Waxahachie. I continue to welcome your questions and concerns. I cannot wait to serve as your next Waxahachie City Councilmember.