5th-grader helps bring about benefit concert

Pippa Beaudoin chosen as ‘Big Heart on the Road’ by country singer Tenille Townes; proceeds Thursday to help Manna House

Patty Hullett
Mirror correspondent
Pippa Beaudoin, a fifth-grader at LaRue Miller Elementary in Midlothian, promos the benefit concert that will be put on by Tenille Townes on Thursday evening at Lone Star Cowboy Church of Ellis County in Red Oak. All funds will benefit Manna House in Midlothian.

Pippa Beaudoin, an 11-year-old fifth-grader at LaRue Miller Elementary, is a very talented and special young lady, and her heart for music has landed her in a very unique position to help others in need in her hometown of Midlothian.

Her mother, Shannon Beaudoin, explains, “Pippa was born weighing 1 pound and 5 ounces at only 26 weeks due to a congenital heart disease requiring surgical repair. My daughter has undergone three different heart surgeries to date. She will need additional heart surgeries at a later date, but for now her doctors are pleased with her numbers. In addition, she was trached a few days before her first birthday. She received a total airway reconstruction from 2015-17.”

Pippa’s biggest love of her life is her passion for music. She particularly enjoys singing and performing anywhere she can find an empty stage and a microphone. Because of her incredible infatuation of music, her family often takes her to concerts for her to enjoy. Such was the case when her mother took her to an Alan Jackson music event a couple of years ago, and the opening act for the concert was an up-and-coming country star named Tenille Townes. The mother and daughter stood in a long line at the conclusion of the concert — just to meet Tenille.

Pippa Beaudoin (left) out and about with her mom, Shannon.

Mrs. Beaudoin says, “Tenille was the kindest person to Pippa, as she bent down on Pippa’s eye level and they chatted for what seemed like forever. She asked if she could share their photo together, and, of course, we said ‘yes’. From there, their friendship blossomed and it has been an amazing experience for my daughter. Both share a connection and love for music and for also helping others. Tenille was so encouraging to Pippa during the COVID-19 big scare, and she was especially kind since she knew how much Pippa loves music. But with all the shutdowns going on, her voice lessons with former American Idol contestant Jade Flores of Red Oak, had been canceled until further notice — just for safety’s sake. To make up for the void in the child’s life, Tenille reached out frequently to FaceTime and chat with her new-found little friend. They would often sing together, and they exchanged letters and cards quite a bit. We were both so impressed with her because she has such a beautiful soul.”

Tenille Townes herself is making a pretty big splash in country music, as she has, over the past couple of years, been the opening act for superstars like George Strait, Reba McEntire and Alan Jackson. In fact, Tenille will be performing with “King” George Strait at Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth on Nov. 18 and 19.

Pippa Beaudoin doing what she loves the most ... singing.

The interesting thing about Pippa and Tenille’s special friendship is that the country singer had no idea about her young friend’s medical condition called “Tetra-logy of Fallott”. In fact, it was quite a long time before she had heard about Pippa’s medical trials in her past. Because Tenille has such a huge heart for others she has founded a huge organization in Canada called “Big Hearts for Big Kids,” which helps house homeless youth. This year alone they have raised $451,000.

She recently decided to take her fundraiser on the road as she tours with other country stars. She determined that she would choose three deserving people in the United States. Tenille has called these worthy recipients “Big Hearts on the Road”. In turn, the generous singer selected Pippa Beaudoin of Midlothian, and then the 11-year-old got the privilege of choosing which organization she would like to donate the funds to — from Tenille’s benefit concert this Thursday evening at The Lone Star Cowboy Church / Red Oak Opry in Red Oak at 7 p.m. And Pippa’s choice for 100% of the benefit proceeds will be going to the Manna House in Midlothian. This is a very worthwhile non-profit organization that has served more than 10,000 families over the past year.

This acoustic concert as performed by Tenille Townes will last around 90 minutes, and she will be on hand afterwards to meet and greet anyone who would like to stop by and visit with her.

Mrs. Beaudoin says, “Pippa is your everyday fifth grader, but her main thing that she enjoys the most is singing. She is always ready to perform on any stage when asked. She is just crazy about music in general. She also loves her friends, her guitars, reading, swimming, and playing outside.”

“My little ‘Ray of Sunshine’ can be best described as very outgoing, small but mighty, she talks to everyone, she wants to meet everyone, and loves life to the fullest extent," she added.

Her family consists of parents Jimmy and Shannon Beaudoin, and her grandmother Rita lives right next door. Pippa has a big sister, Karleigh, who is 23 and she has moved into her own apartment about a year ago. The little sister misses her big sis every single day.

Pippa has been under the music instruction of Jade Flores for almost two years. And, she continues to have voice lessons and practices at home daily.

And another great thing to know about this sweet young lady, is that despite her continuing medical issues, her prognosis is good and she is experiencing no adverse problems at the current time. She is just singing her life away as much as she can.

In conclusion, Mrs. Beaudoin would like to thank a special committee called “Raising Up Midlo,” which has helped Pippa immensely, as she does not have a social media platform. This amazing and caring group includes: Wes and Janet Moore, Tater Beard, Todd Hemphill, Matt and Tamy Snow, and Beth Woodall.

For more information or to get tickets:

• Contact Jimmy or Shannon Beaudoin at 972-921-4057

• Contact Manna House at 972-775-1800 or website: mannahousemidlothian.org

• Tickets are also available online by entering BIT.BHOTRTX22

• Visit the Facebook page of Tenille Townes, Big Hearts on the Road


• Visit the Facebook page of Shannon Beaudoin

Ticket price for the special concert is $40 per person, and the tickets will be available at the door on Thursday evening, May 12. The show will begin at 7 p.m. at The Lone Star Cowboy Church of Red Oak / Red Oak Opry, 1011 E. Ovilla Road, Red Oak.