Rep. Harrison joins Texas Freedom Caucus

Daily Light Report

State Rep. Brian Harrison announced Tuesday that he joined the Texas Freedom Caucus.

Harrison became the 11th member of the Caucus, following a vote on Saturday. 

“We’re very excited to have Rep. Harrison join us,” said Rep. Mayes Middleton, chairman of the Caucus. “Rep. Harrison’s passion for liberty was clearly evident from the first hours he was sworn in, and it was demonstrated by his fervor in working his bill banning vaccine mandates – better known as the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act. Within two days, he gathered nearly fifty co-authors and generated a large coalition of grassroots activists advocating for the bill. It’s that type of drive and sincere appreciation for conservative policy that we’re going to need in fighting (President Joe) Biden’s destructive policies and unconstitutional mandates.”

Rep. Matt Schaefer, vice-chair of the Caucus, also said, “Brian has seen hand-to-hand combat fighting the D.C. swamp. His experience working closely with President (Donald) Trump as chief of staff of the biggest government department on earth – the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – will be tremendously valuable. Austin bureaucrats are going to have their hands full with Rep. Harrison. We are so glad to have Rep. Harrison join the Freedom Caucus.”

Harrison said, “The Caucus has a strong record of conservative victories. I am proud to partner with them in fighting to maximize individual liberty and defeat tyranny in the pursuit of a more free and prosperous Texas.”