Red Oak ISD celebrates School Board Recognition Month

Red Oak ISD

January is School Board Recognition Month, and Red Oak ISD will join the Texas Association of School Boards and districts across the state to honor the countless contributions of these locally elected advocates for Texas schoolchildren and public schools.

“School board members tackle a difficult job and shoulder enormous responsibilities, even more so the past two years during this pandemic,” said Brenda Sanford, Red Oak ISD superintendent. “These men and women are elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for our public schools. They provide vision and leadership and continue to stand up for public education.

“Our district benefits from the tireless work and countless hours contributed by these local citizens who work without pay,” Sanford said. “Serving as a crucial link between the community and classroom, our Board is responsible for an annual budget of almost $75 million serving 6,300 students and 900 employees across seven campuses.”

Board members are being celebrated by campuses throughout the month and will receive special items from each campus and district at the Jan. 24 board meeting. The district has also created special social media and web posts during the month.

“It’s more important than ever before that the public support public education so that today’s students are prepared to be productive citizens and the leaders of tomorrow. Please take a moment and tell school board members ‘thank you for caring about our children and giving so much to our community’. Let them know we support them and that their dedicated service is recognized and truly appreciated,” Sanford said.

Board members serving Red Oak ISD and why they love to serve:

President John Anderson, Place 3, elected 2002

“Because today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Awesome to maybe have just a little impact on the life of a student.”

Vice President Melanie Petersen, Place 7, elected 2015

“It is fascinating to see the changes in the district and community since I attended high school here many years ago. It is an honor to serve the district that holds so many good memories for me.”

Secretary Brian Sebring, Place 2, elected 2019

“Attempting to make students and teachers and staff day to day a little better to prepare students for success beyond Red Oak.”

Johnny Knight, Place 4, elected 2014

“I love watching our kids perform; get excited about their grades, watch our teachers and staff being involved the way they are, even though this has been a hardship on everyone this year, they excel. This makes me truly appreciate everyone even more.”

Michelle Porter, Place 6, elected 2020

“I love being able to positively impact students’ lives.”

Dr. Joy Shaw, Place 1, elected 2010

“The opportunity to give back to the community that helped raise me and to give our students the support I received.”

Penny Story, Place 5, elected 2019

“Students are our future family, business, and political leaders.”