Rep. Harrison takes aim at TASB funding

Texas House District 10 legislator asks local school districts to stop funding school board association

Staff report
Brian Harrison

Texas State House District 10 Rep. Brian Harrison has sent letters to every school board president in HD-10 asking that they immediately stop funding the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) until it severs ties with the National School Board Association (NSBA). 

According to Harrison, the NSBA has prioritized liberal political activism over the educational needs of students and parents. In writing, they have equated parental involvement at school board meetings to “heinous actions” which “could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism” and called on federal law enforcement to potentially target parents in a clear attempt to silence them. 

Harrison said approximately 17 state school board associations across America cut ties with NSBA as a result. Unfortunately, he added, TASB has so far resisted calls to also withdraw membership.  

TASB is a voluntary, nonprofit organization that lists all Texas ISDs as members. Member districts pay TASB with funds collected from taxpayers in their jurisdictions, and TASB then pays NSBA with these funds. Harrison said this means that taxpaying parents in Texas are being forced to subsidize an organization (NSBA), which then weaponizes their tax money against them.  

“We are blessed with great public schools in HD-10,” Harrison said. “Today, I requested they immediately stop funding TASB until it terminates its relationship with NSBA. My constituents should not be forced to subsidize an organization like NSBA, who uses tax money to undermine parents. Further, I look forward to empowering parents and expanding educational options for students in the next legislative session.”