Some Red Oak ISD students, staff will spend their day off serving the community

Daily Light Report

As part of an effort to develop service opportunities for students, staff, and even the community, Red Oak ISD is hosting the second annual fall ROISD Comm-Unity Service Day from noon to 3 p.m. Nov. 8 with 22 area projects available across the district and community.

It is a non-instructional day, so students do not have school. Staff are participating in professional development that morning but may participate if their afternoon is open.

“Red Oak ISD is committed to developing the whole child, and part of that development is community service and the 4th Talon – We Before Me,” stated ROISD Superintendent Brenda Sanford. “When children and adults are invested in our community through the gift of time and effort, the pride in your district and community multiplies. We are blessed by the amazing support of our community and want to give back.”

Project development took place with input from campus principals, city leaders and department heads focusing on outdoor and indoor projects this year. Campus clean-up and beautification projects dominate the district events along with an area park project.

The 22 projects allow over 200 volunteers to donate their time and efforts for some campus and park cleaning.

“Campus beautification has an impact on student learning. Students and staff are excited about coming to school when it is a place they want to be, and that includes a warm, inviting, and clean facility,” Sanford said. “I want to thank our volunteers in advance for their gracious service. This year is all about reuniting and refocusing on what it means to be a Hawk and part of the Red Oak community. We know it takes all of us to make our schools and neighborhoods better and when we unite as Hawks we can make that happen.”

How to participate:

1. Review the projects below, then sign up

2. Only pick one since all projects are at the same time

3. If the one you want is full, please pick a different project.

4. Show up at your location at noon Nov. 8 for three hours of helping out your community.

· All volunteers will need to wear work-appropriate clothing, plus gloves and outdoor protection if your project is such.

· Bring your own bottle of water.

· ROISD staff are encouraged to wear their Reunite and Refocus or Unite shirts.

Red Oak ISD projects:

1. Eastridge Elementary 725 E. Ovilla Road, Red Oak

a. Clean out garden beds by the playground

b. Weed front flower beds

c. Clean up campus exterior field and playground

2. Red Oak Elementary 200 Valley Ridge Drive, Red Oak

a. Construct playground musical instrument

b. Weed front flower beds

c. Assist with projects in the Learning Commons

3. Schupmann Elementary 401 E. Ovilla Road, Glenn Heights

a. Clean up around the school and flower beds, lay mulch, water seal picnic tables

b. Assist with projects in the Learning Commons

4. Shields Elementary 223 W. Ovilla Road, Glenn Heights

a. Hawktown fence construction (need power tools and helpers)

b. Assemble bookshelves and relocate materials

5. Wooden Elementary 200 Louise Ritter Blvd., Red Oak

a. Weed front flower beds

b. Powerwash brick walls, possibly paint the basketball court

6. Red Oak Middle School 154 Louise Ritter Blvd., Red Oak

a. Paint Café serving line at the main campus

7. Red Oak High School 220 South SH 342, Red Oak

a. Weed front flower beds

b. Remove old posters/fliers and staples from walls

c. Decorate staff lounges

8. Red Oak ISD – CTE Building 156 Louise Ritter Blvd., Red Oak

a. Paint the automotive shop

9. Red Oak ISD – ESC (Admin.) 109 W Red Oak Road, Red Oak

a. Paint back entrance covered walkway

b. Assemble a new picnic table on the back porch

c. Create décor plan for four pots, paint pots

Community projects:

10. City of Red Oak – Hargrove Park Project E. Ovilla Road, turn north on Cole Road.