These Waxahachie parks are getting an upgrade

Chris Roark
Waxahachie Daily Light
There will be an area for non-motorized water craft at Spring Park.

The city of Waxahachie is moving forward with cleaning up three lakeside parks while giving them their own identity as well.

The City Council on Monday approved the Lake Parks Master Plan, which will provide a guide for the improvements to Boat Dock, Jetty and Spring parks, which are all located on the north side of Lake Waxahachie.

Gumaro Martinez, executive director of Parks and Leisure Services, said the project will allow the city to highlight what each park has to offer, even though they haven’t been used to their potential.

“What we found initially was that all of the parks at the lake are very similar in aspect,” Martinez said. “They all provide fishing or swimming and access to boats. So what we tried to do with these new concepts is create a new identity for each park.”  

Martinez said Boat Dock Park will be more of a boating and swimming park. It will feature new boat ramps surrounded by a harbor, and the swimming area will be protected by a pier.

There will also be a beach area with a boardwalk and a pavilion.

Boat Dock Park

He said there will be a new, more organized parking area with up to 30 boat spaces and 90 regular parking spaces.

Councilman Travis Smith said with the plan the city will have the opportunity to restrict the number of boats on the lake, thus making it safer.

“Until I was on the Parks Board I had no idea that we have a capacity of boats on the lake now,” Smith said. “And we exceed that regularly, which makes the lake unsafe. So this adds a safety component as well.”

Martinez said Jetty Park has a lot of rough terrain right now, making it difficult to do anything with.

Jetty Park

“The concept we came up with is real practical and useful and lends itself to a nice picnic area,” Martinez said.

He said there will be small, covered picnic areas with piers. The jetty will also be improved.

“This will be a nice addition to the park,” Martinez said.

Spring Park will be turned into a non-motorized watercraft area. It will also include fishing habitats and piers. He said the eastern point of the park will have a new playground and new pavilion.

Spring Park

Council members supported the plan and said it will be well received by the residents.

“I have discussed this with multiple folks out in the community, and the excitement is for sure there,” Smith said. “We have to find a way to fund it now, but the overall design is exceptional.”

Assistant City Manager Albert Lawrence said the project, which is expected to cost between $10 million and $11 million, will be done in phases.

The process that began in January that included various steering committee meetings to explore the park’s current options and its potential.

The city partnered with la terra studio, a professional park planning consultant, to create a master plan.