Children’s agency lists property for sale

300-acre Presbyterian campus on Brookside Road on market as value spikes

Daily Light report
One of the residences located on the Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services campus on Brookside Road.  PCHAS trustees have announced that the 300-acre campus will be listed for sale.

In response to continuing development along Interstate 35E, the trustees of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) have approved the sale of the agency’s 300-acre campus on Brookside Road.  

PCHAS has offered programs at this location since 1960. Currently, the property includes homes for youth aging out of foster care and single-parent families working on self-sufficiency, as well as offices for case workers coordinating foster care and adoptions and helping families in crisis.  

In the past, PCHAS declined numerous unsolicited offers for the property. More recently, as President David Thompson explains, “Three thousand acres immediately around our campus have been re-zoned for development. This makes our campus one of the most sought-after properties for developers and serious interest has emerged.”  

Another factor, Thompson says, is that the campus faces significant capital maintenance costs, including several new roofs and other major repairs. In addition, the original property was an orphanage, so the buildings were designed for group homes. These are now residences for single-parent families, but each family shares a common kitchen and dining area with another family.

The PCHAS Board of Trustees concluded that the development along I-35E, if it leads to the sale of the property, presents an historic opportunity to serve the Waxahachie community in more effective ways.   

Thompson emphasizes that the goals of the agency are permanent homes for children and self-sufficiency for their families. “If there is an appropriate offer for this valuable land, we will negotiate a transition period so that current clients are able to graduate from our programs, transition to our new facilities or move into their own apartments.” 

The agency is committed to fulfilling its mission in North Texas to serve children and families in need. Should the property be sold, PCHAS will continue to be transparent with the community about how it will transition to a new phase of service in Waxahachie.