DeMolay chapter returns to Waxahachie

Organization to hold open house on Monday, June 21 at Masonic Lodge

Daily Light report
The Red Oak Chapter of DeMolay International has transferred to Waxahachie and will hold an open house Monday evening, June 21, at the Waxahachie Masonic Lodge at 303 John Arden Drive.

On May 17, the Red Oak Chapter of DeMolay International met at the Waxahachie Masonic Lodge for the first time.

“After a year and a half of being unable to meet due to the pandemic restrictions, it was very refreshing to have a new beginning in our new building,” the chapter said in a statement. “The Masons of Waxahachie Masonic Lodge, 303 John Arden Dr., have been very supportive of our efforts, and deserve our gratitude.”

With the transfer of the Red Oak Masonic Lodge and the Red Oak Chapter of DeMolay to Waxahachie, the community now has two more opportunities to explore these International Fraternities and all they represent.

The Red Oak Chapter would like to invite all young men between the ages of 12 and 21, and their parents, to come to an open house at the Waxahachie Masonic Lodge on Monday, June 21 at 6 p.m. to meet and visit with chapter members who will be glad to answer all questions.

Began in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri, DeMolay has become an International organization which develops young men into better leaders of character utilizing seven core values by which to live their lives. We provide young men with quality guidance and mentorship allowing them to control and shape their future.

"I feel a great sense of obligation and gratitude toward the Order of DeMolay for the important part it played in my life. Its precepts have been invaluable in making decisions, facing dilemmas, and crises. DeMolay stands for all that is good for the family and for our country. I feel privileged to have enjoyed membership in DeMolay." —  Walt Disney

For more information about the organization, plan to come to the Open House or visit