Marvin Elementary named National Showcase School

Capturing Kids’ Hearts honors WISD campus for third year in a row

Daily Light report
Marvin Elementary students and teachers participate in the first annual Step Up at Marvin orientation on May 18. Students and teachers visited classrooms detailing all they will learn in the upcoming grade. The older students shared all the good things about their grade level and handed out handmade brochures.
An exterior view of Marvin Elementary School in Waxahachie.

For the third year in a row, Marvin Elementary has been recognized as a National Showcase School for Capturing Kids’ Hearts.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a campus-wide program that focuses on building relationships, accepting others’ ideas, and building on communication. This program is implemented to impact staff to student, student to student, and staff to staff relationships.

“It gives the campus staff a more centralized and same level of expectation of kids in the building,” explained Marvin principal Christi Kubin. “So, we are all accountable…everybody on campus has the same shared-vision of student behavior.”

There are simple components implemented with the program, including some that come more naturally, like giving a handshake and sharing a smile. The program also teaches student-to-student awareness and accountability. On the first day of school each year, the students are taught the premise of the program along with different hand signs they can use to communicate.

Students also create and sign a classroom social contract at the beginning of the year. Kubin expressed her pride in the campus leaders’ success with the program since the first-day social contract and culture were implemented several times throughout the year as more online students returned to campus each six weeks.

“It’s like three, new first days of school in one school year because you do truly have to start over and create that classroom environment of what family should be and how to treat each other,” Kubin elaborated.

National Showcase Schools are chosen annually through a rigorous selection process that includes measuring key performance indicators, gathering campus data, and surveying staff and students. The results represent the implementation of CKH processes as well as the culture and climate on each campus.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts celebrates campuses where educators are exceeding expectations and creating an environment where students feel safe, connected, and eager to learn. This year’s selection process began with 555 campuses and resulted in 325 honorees.