WISD Place 4 candidate questionnaire: John Rodgers

Waxahachie ISD candidate John Rodgers answers questions for the May 1 election

Daily Light report
John Rodgers

Name: John Rodgers

Current profession: Fire Marshal 

Elected office sought: WISD Trustee, Place 4  

Previous political experience: Three years as a WISD Trustee.

Family: Married 26 years to wife Lauri, Daughters Abigail (23), Anna (20). All WISD Alumni. 


Why are you seeking this office?

I want to serve a second term with the vision to continue our momentum in the areas of student and staff safety, fiscal responsibility, and District growth management.

What distinguishes you from other candidates for this office?

From day one, I have made myself available to everyone including students, staff and tax payers of the District. I am hyper focused on being absolutely transparent no matter the issue. I also go to great lengths to communicate the happenings of the District, before and after most of our meetings. I have a very diverse professional background including athletics, finance and public safety.

What do you consider the key issues of this election?

The key issue facing our District is managing the population growth. Families are moving to WISD by the hundreds every month.  Our facilities are reaching capacity and we have to figure out how to efficiently and effectively navigate this.  Buildings are expensive and often require the issuance of bonds.  I believe we must be good stewards of the tax payer’s money, while also providing a top notch education for our kids.  

What are the greatest challenges facing the district and how do you plan to address those challenges, if elected? 

On the same note, the greatest challenge facing our School District is having adequate facilities for the kids and staff.  In my position with the City, I see first hand the amount of rooftops being proposed and added each month. My job as a Trustee is to make good decisions, first, with the best interest of the children in mind, and second, for the tax payer footing the bill. 

What do you most want to make sure voters know about you?

I want everyone to know that what is best for our children drives my decisions. Also, anyone can contact me anytime, about any subject. In addition, I am going to tell you everything (within the law) whether good, bad or indifferent. Next, we all feel the pinch of property taxes.  This is constantly on my mind. Lastly, safety of our people is paramount. I have pushed hard in my first three years to strengthen our campuses and take our security capabilities to the next level. Unless our people feel safe, nothing else matters. Everyday is a blessing.

 Thank you for your support.