WISD Place 3 candidate questionnaire: Kim Kriegel

Waxahachie ISD candidate Kim Kriegel answers questions for the May 1 election

Daily Light report
Kim Kriegel

Name: Kim Kriegel

Current profession: Retired Educator 

Elected office sought: WISD Trustee, Place 3

Previous political experience: Two terms as a school board member

Family: n/a


Why are you seeking this office?

I am seeking to return to the WISD School Board because I would like to continue to serve WISD and our community in this manner. I have served WISD for the last 35 years as a teacher and school board member. I bring experience to the school board. I attended school board meetings for over 20 years as a teacher. This is a way that I can continue to serve the students and staff of WISD.

What distinguishes you from other candidates for this office?

Again, I have served WISD for over 35 years as a teacher and school board member. I have always pushed for equity for all WISD students. For several years, I have voluntarily overseen an annual craft fair. The craft fair provides funds for our campuses to buy things that are needed by our students. We have provided food, clothing, fees for clubs, graduation gowns and even paid tuition for Navarro classes. This fund provides the opportunities for students to have a successful school career despite financial constraints. One of our core beliefs is that kids cannot learn if they are worried about being hungry.

I take being on the school board very seriously. I try to always be prepared for meetings, attend as many school events as I can and listen to my constituents. One of the strongest attributes I bring is empathy. I can listen and understand other viewpoints even though they may not be mine. I always try to direct my constituent in the correct pathway to obtain answers.

This year, I applied for and received the honor of being selected to the Leadership TASB class. Every year, around 30 school board members are selected from around the state. I did this to make myself a stronger and better school board member for WISD.

Another thing that I bring to the Waxahachie ISD school board is an understanding of the legislature in Austin. School finance is determined every two years during the legislative session. I have been active working for the public schools of Texas in Austin for over 20 years. As decisions are being made that affect the financial health of Waxahachie ISD, I am an active participant and have been for years.

What do you consider the key issues of this election?

 In the school board race, the key issue is whether you want someone that has served and continues to serve WISD and Waxahachie or not. I believe my years of experience make me the person that should be selected. I promise to continue to serve Waxahachie ISD wholeheartedly. My experience as an educator, advocate for all students and long-time servant to Waxahachie make me the better choice.

What are the greatest challenges facing the WISD and how do you plan to address those challenges if elected?

The greatest challenge facing WISD is how we are going to address the rooftops that are coming. We cannot stop the rooftops from coming but we must figure out the way to best educate our kids. The decision will be made by the residents of WISD with the bond vote. I voted to call for the bond and will be voting for it. This decision will be made by all the voters. Either way, I will bring a schoolteacher’s experience and eyes to the process moving forward. We must listen to the desires of our taxpayers and find the way to provide a well-rounded public education to all.

Other issues that must be addressed are closing the gaps of our students caused by COVID and of course safety concerns. I believe we should utilize federal funding that is available to close the gaps of our students. I currently serve on the safety for our district. Our priority must be that all students are always safe. We must continue to be vigilant in our efforts to secure campuses, provide for safety getting our kids to and from our schools and look after the mental health of our students.

What do you most want to make sure the voters know about you?

I have always been one of those teachers that cared for her students, I still do. Though Waxahachie is changing I still know and have many of my kid’s kids coming through Waxahachie ISD. My strongest desire is to see all our students graduate ready for their future whether it be college, trade school, the armed forces, or the work force. I am immensely proud of all our graduates but especially the WHS students and Global students who graduate high school with associates degrees. That is an awesome accomplishment.

My phone number and email are open to the public. You may call me at 214-463-5101 or email me at kimkrie@aol.com

Remember Kriegel Cares, I always have.

It’s about the kids y’all.