Council takes action on pair of PIDs

Public hearings set on North Grove, Emory Lakes developments

Bill Spinks
Waxahachie Daily Light
The entrance to the North Grove development is shown in this 2019 image. The Waxahachie City Council set a public hearing for April 19 to discuss the levying of assessments on property located within Improvement Area No. 2 of the North Grove Public Improvement District.

Two public improvement districts, one existing and the other in the process of forming, drew the attention of the Waxahachie City Council during Monday night’s regular meeting.

The City Council approved a resolution adding details to the North Grove Public Improvement District. In a separate resolution, the council accepted a petition to create the Emory Lakes Public Improvement District. In both matters, a public hearing will be held, on April 19 for the former and April 5 for the latter.

In the North Grove matter, the council will determine the costs of certain improvements to be financed by the North Grove PID. The resolution also sets a preliminary service plan and assessment plan. The public hearing will be on an ordinance levying assessments on property located within Improvement Area No. 2 of the PID.

The council also authorized a public hearing on the Emory Lakes petition to be held at the next regular council meeting. City Manager Michael Scott said the hearing will align with the zoning and development agreement associated with the Emory Lakes development.

Emory Lakes is a major project planned for the west side of Interstate 35E consisting of about 3,000 acres.

Mayor Pro Tem Mary Lou Shipley presided over the meeting in the absence of Mayor David Hill. All other councilmembers were present.

Other items

• The consent agenda consisted of approval of previous minutes, renewal of parking and loading zone leasing spaces and an event application for a mini-COVID-19 vaccine hub at Lee Penn Park for this Saturday, March 20.

• A replat of a lot along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the Town Addition into two lots was approved by a 4-0 vote. City planning director Shon Brooks said the two resulting lots would be no larger than other adjacent lots. A petition of relief for a right-of-way dedication was granted.

• A specific-use permit for a child care facility at 205 Nottingham Drive was approved. Applicant Regina Sias, who has operated Nina’s House Child Care for 11 years, recently relocated to a new home. The SUP is a part of an ongoing process to bring child care facilities in the city into code compliance.

• A zoning change and development agreement were approved at the southwest corner of Farley Street and U.S. Highway 287 for a planned retail development. The development will consist of a convenience store with gasoline sales, a drive-thru restaurant and an office building with a fully-bricked façade and stone columns. A five-foot variance for a setback for the office building was allowed as well.

• The council approved a professional engineering contract with Criado & Associates for the Katy Trunk Sewer and Southwest Interceptor capital improvement projects. City utilities director David Bailey said these two lines, with about 10,000 linear feet of pipe, have been having inflow and infiltration issues and are in need of rehabilitation.

• Shipley said a Comprehensive Plan Committee is being formed and appointments will be made at the council’s next meeting, which will be April 5.

• Scott said he continues to be amazed by the dedication of city staff in serving citizens following an anecdote of praise given by a public speaker.