Paul Christenson announces candidacy

Candidate to run for Place 4 seat on Waxahachie City Council

Daily Light report
Paul Christenson

Paul Christenson has announced his candidacy for a seat on the Waxahachie City Council.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce my commitment to serve the citizens of Waxahachie by running for City Council, Place Four,” Christenson said in a press release. “Above all, our city government must serve us, and I am eager to return our city to the people.”

Christenson ran unsuccessfully against Mayor David Hill in last November’s municipal election, citing high property taxes and wasteful government spending while also citing “neglected and dilapidated streets” and “traffic congestion.”

“The city of Waxahachie has increased our property taxes by 49% in just the last four years, while our population has grown at around 3.5% a year over the same period,” Christenson said. “The city is adding numerous administrative positions to its payroll while these new positions are of dubious value.  Moreover, the city now has plans to build a New City Hall Annex to house these new employees at an estimated cost of $5.5 million.  Worse, this annex will directly compete with private local business by including retail space that the city will lease to other private businesses.  This is not the job of government.  Yet the taxpayers have never been given any justification for this massive growth in spending.”

Christenson is a critic of the city’s purchase of the old Baylor Hospital site adjacent to Getzendaner Park, which he said is now estimated to cost the citizens of Waxahachie $1.1 million to tear down and haul away.

“High taxes hurt people a lot,” Christenson said.  “As I walk around our city, hundreds of people have told me that they are in danger of losing their home due to high taxes, or are close to the breaking point.  And these high taxes hurt renters, too, as these cause rents to increase.  And this unwise spending hurts businesses as well; their rents go up so landlords can afford higher taxes.  Yet we see no improvement in our city services.

“This troubling state of affairs compels me to run for office. I am not a politician and I have never run for public office, but we need to get our city focused on the taxpayers, and restore fiscal wisdom to our City Council.”

Christenson said there are many other ways that the city’s management can be improved, for instance, planning and budgeting with input from the citizens along with regular reporting back to citizens on progress.  

“We need better leadership in our City Council,” he said. “We need focused planning and spending to manage growth and fix our streets and stop the high tax increases. Our spending and planning should be focused on what you, the taxpayers, want.  We need significant input from the citizens to direct our city government for the future.

“We need to manage growth effectively, and end all the wasteful spending.  We should direct our tax money to spending that improves our lives, without an undue tax burden on us.”

Christenson concluded his announcement by stating he is a devout conservative Republican and that “Jesus Christ dictates all of my thoughts and actions.”