Democratic challenger eyes victory in Texas 6th District Congressional race

Patrick Clarke
Stephen Daniel [Courtesy Stephen Daniel for Congress campaign]

A Waxahachie-based lawyer believes he has what it takes to represent Texas District 6 in Washington.

Although a Democrat has not led the Republican stronghold since 1983, Stephen Daniel, 42, is confident he can take the seat from Freshman Congressman Ron Wright (R-TX) who recently announced he is seeking a second term.

“I feel like I’m going to win,” Daniel said. “I’m going to win. I’m going to Washington to represent the people of District 6.”

Daniel said voters in the District have been slowly “trending blue, and that blue trend will continue.”

His campaign manager, Jana Lynne Sanchez, who ran against Wright in 2018, lost by less than 20,000 votes. Daniel believes that gap will be eviscerated in 2020 because more and more voters are being motivated to turn against President Trump.

“In 2020, turnout is going to be massive among the base who are fired up to vote in the presidential election,” the tough-talking lawyer said. “I think people just want a fair shake, and just want somebody who is reasonable in office that can make good decisions for the benefit of the people. I don’t think we’re getting that now.”

Daniel is pushing a healthcare agenda he hopes will resonate with voters.

“I believe healthcare is a big issue of mine, and I’m all for trying to fix the healthcare system which is not in good shape,” Daniel said. “As a lawyer, I’ve dealt with healthcare for so long that I feel like I have a certain education and expertise with it. I just think I can bring a lot of change, well-needed change, a deserved change to the folks who just want a fair and affordable healthcare system.”

“I’ll fight to protect coverage for preexisting conditions, reduce prescription drug costs and protect Medicare from cuts,” Daniel’s campaign website explained.

The 42-year-old Maypearl resident is a board member of Friends of Maypearl, a community organization that focuses on “volunteerism, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities,” according to the group’s mission statement.

“I’ve done a lot of public service work so I’m just trying to, at the end of the day, help the public,” Daniel emphasized.

His battle, however, might not be so easy.

The incumbent congressman - Wright - recently toured Ellis County, vowing to defend his seat on Capitol Hill even as he battles lung cancer.

“With the help of medical advances, great doctors, and almighty God, the prognosis is positive,” the 66-year-old posted on Facebook, July 26. “While I would not wish the side effects on anybody, the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy is working. I am undergoing radiation treatments now to zap what remains."

“Since the beginning, I have been determined that the disease would not define me, and it hasn’t,” he added. “I have maintained a busy congressional schedule of constituent meetings, active committee participation, and votes in Washington as well as the important work in the District. I have no intention of slowing down.”

Daniel said he was motivated to contest Wright’s seat because of the current political climate.

“I was just tired of the insanity in Washington, and some of the politics that you see that’s just gotten so out of control these days.”

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