Bids awarded for street projects in Waxahachie

Chris Roark
Waxahachie Daily Light

The Waxahachie City Council on Tuesday approved a bid award to Reynolds Asphalt and Construction Company for the city’s asphalt street rehabilitation project.

The contract is for $755,866.60, and there is a $170,000 contingency that will add more streets to the project.

The project includes scarification, re-compaction and cement stabilization of the existing pavement and subgrade, as well as repaving the asphalt driving surface, a city memo stated.

Streets originally on the list are John Arden Drive from E. University to the BNSF railroad, Oak Creek Drive from one cul-de-sac to the other, Oak Creek Circle, N. Rogers Street from W. Marvin Avenue to the UP railroad, Spencer Street from W. Main Street to Odom Street, and Odom from Highland Avenue to Spencer Street.

The new streets added are West Ross Street from Kirven Avenue to Ferris Avenue and Lynn Street from US 77 to Ferris.

Broadhead Street

The council approved a bid award and supplemental appropriation for the Broadhead Road pavement improvements.

The bid is for $246,090 with a contingency of $13,910. The project will improve the pavement along Broadhead from US 287 Frontage Road to April Lane. A city memo states the concrete pavers will be replaced with regular concrete. The crosswalk across Broadhead to Howard Junior High will have stamped integral color concrete.  

7-Eleven SUP

The council approved a specific use permit (SUP) for a 7-Eleven convenience store on 1.5 acres at 1851 N. Highway 77. The store will include 12 fueling stations.  

The applicant, Vaquero Ventures, previously applied for the SUP in August of 2020 but decided not to pursue the project.

The new SUP calls for a 4,872-square-foot building, an increase from the previously proposed 4,008-square-foot building. The larger store will allow for the 7-Eleven 2.0 prototype, which includes a larger coffee bar and more food options, a city document stated.