Waxahachie woman continues to draw fans from all over to visit Munster Mansion

Waxahachie woman in her 19th year providing tours

Chris Roark
Waxahachie Daily Light

For Sandra McKee, sharing her passion for “The Munsters” never gets old.

McKee is in her 19th year of providing tours of The Munster Mansion, the home she and her husband Charles built in south Waxahachie and still live in today.

The Munster Mansion has several items from "The Munsters" set, while other pieces have been created to be an exact match.

The Munster Mansion is a replica of the mansion used in the 1960s TV sitcom “The Munsters.” Both the outside and the inside closely resemble the house occupied by Herman, Lily, Eddie, Marilyn and Grandpa Munster in the series. Since 2002, McKee has welcomed people from all over the country who want to travel through the home and take in the nostalgia.

From 2002 to 2016, McKee would have a charity event each year that included a tour of the house, games and rides outside and appearances from former cast members. Money raised would go to different charities in the area, including the SPCA, Gingerbread House and others.

Once the charity event ended in 2016, McKee started offering private tours throughout the year by appointment. 

The mansion is full of all things “The Munsters” — furniture, photos, statues, macabre décor, Spot the Dragon, everything. Some of the items are authentic pieces from the show’s set.

“I bought many props from the set,” McKee said. “I’m a lot further along than I thought I would be.”

She said she has approximately 90% of what she needs to make her collection complete.

“The only statue that I don’t have is Marilyn’s,” McKee said. “I’m so close to having everything that I need. And the Tiffany lamp, I can’t find it. And even if I found it a real Tiffany lamp would cost a fortune.”

Themed murder mysteries are also available at The Munster Mansion.

Other items have been made to be exact replicas of props seen on the television series set.

“Sometimes I can find people to make it,” McKee said. “But I prefer that it be something in Texas instead of shopping for something outside of Texas.”

She said it’s also a challenge to find certain pieces since oftentimes she only has a quick scene from the TV show to go on. As The Munster Mansion’s website states, there were no blueprints or plans to use.

Despite years of providing fans a taste of Munster history, the interest hasn’t slowed down. In fact, McKee said she has had to turn people away because there just isn’t enough time to get to everyone.

“I’m surprised that we’ve kept it going,” she said. “I thought after the charity event ended that would be the end of it.”

Nope. The fans keep coming. McKee said she has private tours booked every day the mansion is open — Tuesdays through Saturdays by appointment — and that some tours are booked months in advance.

“Never does a day go by when I’m not giving tours,” she said.

Sometimes McKee spends five to six hours a day providing tours, and bookings are available year round.

And the fans aren’t just local, either.

“I hear people say that they drove six hours to tour the house,” McKee said. “I’m like, ‘Really?’”

She said she has received requests from people to use the house for weddings, a baby shower and even to shoot a music video.

“I’ve met so many wonderful people,” McKee said. “They’re all so nice and happy to be here.”

She also continues the monthly murder mystery, a three-hour event in which guests are treated to a catered meal and a mystery performance. McKee and her sister-in-law put on the performance, and everyone dresses in a theme. The current theme, which lasts until the end of the year, is the Roaring ‘20s. Other themes have included Mardi Gras and Day of the Dead.

Tours are $120 for groups up to four people. Each additional guest is $30.

The murder mystery costs $110 per guest, which covers a tour, drinks and the murder mystery event. Ten participants are needed, and guests are required to wear a costume.

To book a tour or inquire about the murder mystery, call (469) 305-0033, email munstermansion02@aol.com or visit munstermansion.com.