SAGU to cut some tuition rates

SAGU Marketing

Southwestern Assemblies of God University is making a bold move for Fall 2021. In the face of rising college costs around the nation, the university is lowering tuition for its distance education and graduate studies students by up to 25 percent.

For SAGU’s distance education degree programs, the cost per credit hour will be reduced from $499 per credit hour to $399 per credit hour. This is a savings of over 20 percent, making SAGU’s online degrees even more affordable. Graduate students can also save up to 25 percent on qualifying degree plans.

“We are excited for the impact this initiative will have on the next generation,” said Dr. Kermit Bridges, President of Southwestern Assemblies of God University “Our institution continually strives to reduce expenses for all of our students, no matter where they are in their education journey.”

Dr. Kermit Bridges

Joshua Martin, SAGU’s Assistant Dean of Admissions, believes that the online tuition reduction is a reflection of the university’s commitment to making a Christian higher education more affordable and accessible.

“One hundred dollars less per credit hour will save our students upwards of $12,000 over an entire degree,” said Martin. “An investment into earning a college degree is still the most valuable investment you can make, paying you back many times over. This price reduction makes it that much better.”

Beyond the reduced tuition, the university provides numerous opportunities for scholarships, discounts, and financial aid, including:

• On Campus Ministry Majors receive from 50-100 percent off tuition including all

federal, state, and SAGU scholarships and grants.

• Ministers’ children who are enrolled full-time and live on campus will receive grants

and scholarships equal to at least 50 percent of tuition.

• Missionaries’ children that enroll full-time and live on campus will receive grants

and scholarships equal to at least 60 percent of tuition. (This includes a combination

of federal, state, and institutional financial aid.)