Wednesday leisure events are back with local kayak club

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The Waxahachie Kayak Club was created on Facebook to invite community members to kayak together, and it continues to be an outlet where people from the community can come together and kayak almost a year later. 

Hector Quinones, who joined the club early on and is now an administrator of the group, said he loves the reunions the club has. 

Hector Quinones poses in his kayak with other members at a kayak meetup.

“In the initial stages there wasn’t a whole lot going on, so I just started to plan trips,” Quinones said. “To be honest with you, I just went out and saw it when it first started, and I like kayaking so I went to it and it wasn’t a whole lot of planning.”

Quinones took the initiative to plan meetups and events for the community, gathering at Lake Waxahachie and, occasionally, Joel Pool Lake. 

“It won’t last long if we don’t plan stuff, get people involved and give them a reason to come out. We set it to start scheduling it every Wednesday and then we would do different days. We would schedule once a month,” Quinones said. 

The group invites those from all levels of experiences to come out and join in if they are interested in kayaking. The meetups slowed a bit during the winter months, but are picking up again as summer grows closer, Quinones said. 

“We just started the Wednesday events again. You’ll start seeing people coming back up now. Basically we all get together. When we first get there we make sure — does anybody need a kayak?" Quinones said. "I have several kayaks so whoever doesn’t have a kayak, we go ahead and bring them a kayak. It’s just a nice, calm paddle all the way out in the creek area. You get to know people. You get to visiting and talking. Then you also get the opportunity to try another person’s kayak.” 

Quinones has already created Facebook events for the next two Wednesdays of May, inviting all who are interested to join at Lake Waxahachie. 

“I just like the people. You get to meet new people and you get to see people having a good time. With all of the things that go on in the world nowadays, it's fun just to go out and have fun with each other and not have to stress about everything going on,” Quinones added. 

Additionally, for those who would like to rent a kayak, What's SUP + Kayaks is right by the dock of Lake Waxahachie.

“We’ve been in business for six years and we’re located at the Dock Park in Waxahachie by the lake. We rent out kayaks, paddle boards, life jackets and air tubes. Summer fun on the water," said owner Pat Barrett.

Barrett thinks everyone should be able to enjoy some summer fun this season. 

“Peace of mind and being able to breathe without a mask and the freedom of going anywhere you want to. You can go as fast as you want and as slow as you want," Barrett shared. 

Lake Waxahachie is located between U.S. highways 77 and 287 just south of Waxahachie. 

Boat Dock Park is located at 91 Lakeshore Drive, at Lake Waxahachie. The two-acre park features fishing, swimming area, playground equipment, boat ramps, picnic tables and public restrooms, according to the city website.