Three scholarships were raised for Daymark Living through funds from Tulipalooza

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

Poston Gardens brought its tulips back for a third season in the unique Tulipalooza event during the month of March, raising a net total of $225,000.

After shutting down a few days after their opening last spring, the garden didn't know if the event would return. However, through help from the community, Poston Gardens was able to make a comeback and plant 250,000 colorful tulips for visitors to enjoy.

These red tulips bloomed vibrantly during the Tulipalooza season.

This year's event was held March 19-28. Kari Zerbe, the chairman of the board of the Poston Gardens foundation, shared the event's outcome. 

“It was definitely our most successful year yet. This was technically our third year of the tulip farm, with the second year being closed after just five days due to COVID, which is very unfortunate. Our whole budget was literally in the ground with those bulbs from last year," Zerbe said. 

Unlike the other years, the tulips this year were planted outside of the Waxahachie Civic Center, in a smaller space.

“We really had to think creatively to pull it off this year, and the community both in Waxahachie and beyond truly supported us and came out. Whether it was donations, picking tulips and actually joining us at the event, the community definitely came out and supported us. We are just excited that we’re able to raise the necessary funds," Zerbe shared. 

From the funds raised, the foundation was able to raise money for the partnered charities and sponsor three scholarships for residents to live at Daymark Living. Daymark Living is a unique housing opportunity for adult community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to have the opportunity to live a happy, healthy life.

"It allows us to come back next year. Hopefully stronger and bigger with some new ideas, that we could not pull off this year that we can pull off next year. We were able to raise a lot of money for the beneficiaries, the other nonprofit charities that joined us in this mission in creating awareness for the organizations and for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and also for our mission at Poston Gardens Foundation to raise scholarship money for residents to live at Daymark Living which is also in Waxahachie," Zerbe explained. "We successfully solicited and raised a three-year commitment for three different scholarships. A full scholarship for three years is $125,000, so up to a year commitment would be $40,000 for each three years. We raised three of those at this event alone."

Due to the success of this year's event, Poston Gardens is already in talks for planting bulbs for this fall in hopes to bloom for next spring. They will continue their partnership with the Taminga family in their planting of the tulips.

“I think it’s about raising awareness for this population of adults with intellectual disabilities and showing people that there is quite a need for quality housing and that we have a model, Daymark Living, to do that. And we want this model to serve as the model for all housing that comes after us and government housing and things like that. Raising awareness is key and just doing it in a beautiful setting where people can have fun," Zerbe stated.

Learn more about Daymark Living and the community Poston Gardens benefits through their seasonal event at .