Over 400 runners joined the Hachie 50 run in Getzendaner Park

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

On Saturday, May 1, the Waxahachie Running Club and Waxahachie Lions Club hosted the fifth annual Hachie 50 race, taking to the trail of Getzendaner Park. 

The Hachie 50 began when the race director, Paul Box, and a friend came together five years ago in 2016.

This is the Hachie 50 planning team. Left to right is Matt Curtis, Ken Box, Kathy Rodrigue, Russell Williams, myself, Andrew White and Dietra Box. Missing from our planning team is Jen Graf and Julia Butlar.

“The Hachie 50 came about as a friend, Matt Curtis, and I were running together one day around town. We had done a number of marathons and decided a new challenge would be fun,” Box said. “We agreed to meet one Saturday, together with a group of friends from the Waxahachie Running Club, and attempt 50 miles. Although brutal, it was a lot of fun. We decided to turn it into a race the following year, so in 2016 the Hachie 50 was born.”

Here is the Hachie 50 Winners Lane.

In 2016, the race started off with 210 runners participating in the event. Last year's race was not held due to COVID-19.This year, the organization had more than 400 runners participate. Runners have come from all over Texas, 29 states and four other countries. 

“The Hachie 50 is a group of running races run back and forth from Getzendaner to Lions Park.  We have a 50 Mile Ultra Marathon, 50k Ultra Marathon, Full Marathon and a 50 Mile Relay consisting of five team members running 10 miles each,” Box shared.

The trail of the race consists of a a funky loop. The group starts at the Getzendaner trail, but they first run out of the park down Jefferson before they loop back to Getzendaner Park and run the trail out to Lions Park, then back to Getzendaner. Running these trails makes up 10 miles, which the runners repeat five times to equal 50 miles. 

The race is supported by the Waxahachie Lions Club and Waxahachie Running Club, which raises money to support the charities of the Waxahachie Lions Club.  

“None of this could be done without the incredible support of two organizations.  First, the Waxahachie Running Club spends the entire year planning the event while also promoting a healthier lifestyle through running and walking in the community.  Next, the Waxahachie Lions Club volunteers lots of hours to serve year after year,” Box explained. "Last, this race couldn't happen without the runners.  We're so lucky that most of our racers are returning to run with us again.  We strive to put on an event that's much more than a race, but an experience.  We love running, and we want others to love it as well."

The planning team consists of Russell Williams, Ken Box, Dietra Box, Matt Curtis, Kathy Rodrigue, Julia Butlar, Jen Graf and Andrew Williams.  

"We love putting on the race for two reasons. First, we’ve been able to raise right at $100,000 over the last five years. This money goes to the Waxahachie Lions Club, which in-turn supports children and charities in Waxahachie. Second, we put on the race because almost nothing compares cheering someone on as they complete their first marathon or finish running 12 straight hours and 50 miles," Box said. 

The winners and participants can view their results at www.hachie50.com/results .