Runoff elections to take place for two Waxahachie City Council seats in June

Wallace, Christenson to vie for Place 4 in June; Beatty, Smith in Place 5 contention

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

As unofficial General Election results were reported on Saturday evening, winning candidates within the Waxahachie City Council gave their appreciation to the community. 

However, a runoff election will need to be held June 5 for places 4 and 5, as none of the candidates in those races received the required 51% of the vote total.

Billie Wallace, who garnered the most votes in the Place 4 race with 1,608, will face Paul Christenson, who had 1,347 votes, in the runoff.

Billie Wallace.

"It is an honor to have received the most total votes for Place 4 Waxahachie City Council Election on May 1. The amount of votes that I received tells me that the citizens want me elected and have the confidence in me to serve this city council seat," Wallace shared. "I will continue to work hard to get the original voters back out and new voters to the polls June 5, so that we can win and put me to work for all of Waxahachie."

Although Christenson hasn't made any public remarks since the election results came in, he stated his beliefs and reasoning for running prior to the election. 

Paul Christenson.

“We need better leadership in our City Council,” he said previously. “We need focused planning and spending to manage growth and fix our streets and stop the high tax increases. Our spending and planning should be focused on what you, the taxpayers, want. We need significant input from the citizens to direct our city government for the future," Christenson said. "We need to manage growth effectively, and end all the wasteful spending. We should direct our tax money to spending that improves our lives, without an undue tax burden on us.”

In the runoff for Place 5, incumbent Charles “Chuck” Beatty garnered 1,684 votes, and will face challenger Travis M. Smith, who had 1,502. Darrin Robinson had 888 votes and will not be in the runoff. 

Charles “Chuck” Beatty.

"Hello I would like to take the time to say to each and everyone of the 1,684 citizens that showed support for my re-election to the Waxahachie City Council Place 5 via absentee voting, early voting, or Election Day voting. THANK YOU!!! Your support is greatly appreciated," said Chuck Beatty in a Facebook post. "Unfortunately due to the fact that 3 people were running for Place 5 it was virtually impossible to receive the 51% of the vote needed for re-election on election night. SO WE ARE IN A RUNOFF!!! I am asking for your vote one more time on June 5th! I am confident with your continued support through June 5th we can ultimately cross the goal line once and for all."

Smith gave a statement through a Facebook video.

Travis Smith.

"Hey Waxahachie, thank you so much for getting me to this point. I appreciate all 1,502 of you so far, that have cast a ballot in our run for city council. We only are down 184 votes. We are going to a runoff, and that's exciting," Smith said in the video. "Our campaign team is stoked. We cannot wait to re-knock on some of your doors. We hope to meet more of you and to share exactly why it is that we feel so passionate about running for city council. The runoff date is tentatively scheduled for June 5. I hope to see you all then. We very much do need you to stay engaged, to reengage or even to jump ship and join our platform."

The purpose of a runoff election is to ensure a winning candidate meets the required threshold of votes, usually 50 percent or more. A primary candidate must receive more than 50 percent of the vote, or a primary runoff election takes place six weeks after the primary.

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