Rasheed signed many books on Saturday

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

On Saturday, a book signing was held at the Ellis County African American Hall of Fame Museum and Library for Dr. Jamal Rasheed’s new book, "Nightmare at the Lorraine Motel' - Where do we go from there?".

The event took place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with people coming in and out throughout the day. As people came for the book, some were able to tour the historical building for the very first time.

Dr. Jamal Rasheed signs his new book for a customer.

Nancy Post, a local resident, purchased the new read. 

“I know Dr. Rasheed, and he’s just done amazing work in Waxahachie with the museum, and some of the monuments for veterans in the cemetery, and cleaning up Hall cemetery, and the memorial to the people who died in the truck accident in 1947,” Post said. “He’s got kids working and writing ... I think it’s very exciting that he’s got kids involved in writing. And it’s encouraging to them to think they can publish something, and it gives them an incentive to keep writing and keep doing things like that.”

Ami Trull and Dr. Jamal Rasheed pose together after she purchased a copy of the new book.

Rasheed’s son, Jabril Rasheed, was present at the book signing in support of his father. He shared his thoughts on how the book could bring up action questions.

“Just to understand further Dr. King’s dream along with his purpose as far as what the outcome was and what the solution was. Why was he trying to make this movement happen in the first place, based off all the attempts he had done previously, why keep going?” Jabril stated. “The kids nowadays, those are who we’re looking forward to as far as making a change, making a difference. Their voices are actually number one, and kids don’t lie. They have a great observation. They see everything. 'Where do we go from here' is based off their interaction with knowing their history and moreso knowing how to fix the history. You can’t fix the history unless you know it.”

The book contains written work from 15 students in Waxahachie ISD and can be purchased for $20.

“I think that’s a good landing of where do we go from here, allow them to express themselves. Because if they can’t express themselves, again, where do we go, besides back to where it all originated from,” Jabril shared. 

Around 1 p.m., Rasheed had about 30 books sold. 

"It’s going really well. People are touring the museum, and the good part about it is that the kids are enjoying it when they pick up their book," Rasheed said. 

He was enthused that many people had visited the museum and library for the first time because of the book signing.

“I had a guy come in, he’s a professor at Dallas Baptist. He was thinking about opening up a bookstore here in Waxahachie. I told him to make sure he opens it up for Ellis County, not just Waxahachie. He was inspired by what he saw here," Rasheed shared. "So folks are coming in, and I end up talking to them and they like what they see. The cool thing is education. Everybody who has come in has come in because they knew the book signing was today."

The question 'Where do we go from there?' is meant to stay with readers after finishing the book. 

"That’s the focal point. We all need to be saying, 'Where do we go from there?' That’s where we need to be right now. Overall, the day has been great," Rasheed said.

The Ellis County African American Hall of Fame Museum and Library is located at at 441 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Waxahachie. 

To order a book, email ecaamuseum@gmail.com .