Tacos 4 Life Holds Virtual Event; Shares The Free Meals Raised

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

For almost seven years, Tacos 4 Life has partnered with Feed My Starving Children to purchase one meal for every meal sold in the restaurants, donating more than 16 million meals to children in more than 70 countries. On May 6, the organizations will partner and hold a first-time virtual event, which will allow guests to hear from children who have been directly impacted and received meals.

Although Tacos 4 Life has only existed for seven years, the partnership between the co-founder Austin Samuelson and Feed My Starving Children has been in existence for almost a decade. 

“For us it started almost 10 years ago now. We started with a pizza restaurant, and we wanted to have the one-for-one concept, and we wanted to be able to donate meals. And, it was really important to us to be able to work with an organization that we knew if we gave them a quarter or if we gave them whatever amount it was, they would be able to feed a child. We could make that promise to our guests because we could trust the organization that was doing that,” Samuelson shared.

As Samuelson and his wife looked for an organization to partner with, Feed My Starving Children came up in discussion and perfectly aligned with their vision, he said. 

Andy Carr, the director of marketing for Feed My Starving Children, shared his favorite thing about the partnership with Tacos 4 Life. 

“The favorite thing I have is the passion for the purpose. The passion for the purpose of feeding God’s kids and we are lockstepped, 100 percent aligned. Whatever we do, the first question we ask is  ‘Does this feed more kids?’ and Tacos has that same attitude in the operation of their stores,” Carr said. “I’ve been a part of many of their conversations in their organization just to introduce and tell people about this partnership. Everyday they start their meetings and talk about how meals have been produced and how many kids are fed, before they do anything else. That passion for the purpose is the coolest thing of being aligned with these guys.”

The theme of the virtual event is centered around “Building Dreams Together” and how the partnership between the two organizations has aided kids in pursuing their dreams.

“The event that we’re having on May 6 is about building dreams together and it weaves well into the stories of the relationship Tacos 4 Life and Feed My Starving Children has. We truly are feeding the dreams of kids and people that have little to hope for when they don’t have any food,” Carr said. “We’re going to showcase the impact relationships have had, and Tacos has been very generous in being the title sponsor for this event. It’s going to be a virtual event. We’re going to tell the story of some different places around the world. Of a young lady named Violet who escaped the war in South Sudan, when rebel soldiers reached her house, she took off and ended up in a resettlement camp in Uganda. Our food partners there have been able to feed her this food, and over the years, the simple food security built a foundation for her to dream and now to be able to attend college.”

Tacos 4 Life is located in many different areas in the United States, including the city of Waxahachie.

“We always want to thank each of our guests. Every time they come in and buy a taco or a salad, quesadilla or rice bowl, that one purchase where they’re feeding themselves is providing a meal for a child in need. It’s such an important thing, and we’re just so grateful. Waxahachie has raised so many meals in the few years that they’ve been open, and that’s really based off the generosity of the community and people loving tacos there,” Samuelson said. “The meals that we produce are produced by the donations from folks like Tacos 4 life and individuals, and schools. We feed a child a meal for less than a quarter, and that’s an important thing to understand. You can feed a child a meal a day for $88. The impact you can have with little dollars is tremendous, but it takes everyone coming together to make that work.”

Each meal is packed by volunteers, and some are packed through large mobile packing events. Feed My Starving Children is set to return to Waxahachie this year and hold a mobile packing event, with a date yet to be determined.

The virtual event will begin at 7 p.m., free to guests. Anyone attending must register at http://fmsc.org/buildingdreamsT4L. 

Additionally, to view more about Tacos 4 Life and where they are located, visit 

https://tacos4life.com/ .