'J Snacks' Ministry holds 2nd outreach with Waxahachie CARE during spring break

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

For the second time, the ministry "J Snacks" has gifted activity bags to children in the Waxahachie area, in partnership with the Waxahachie CARE organization.

J Snacks is a program that was formed in the summer of 2020 during the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Donna Williams, a member with Waxahachie CARE, is leading this organization. 

“It was a program that was started by one of our neighbors, who had received services from us, was able to give back and gave us a donation and said he would really like for it to go towards children. So we came up with ‘J Snacks,’ which had basically kid friendly foods, snacks ... like Lunchables, pudding snacks, beef jerky," explained Williams. "Then we also added little activity books, and we have reading books. We called it ‘J Snacks’ because his name began with 'J,' and so we did that as a tribute to him for wanting to start the ministry."

Donna Williams, a member of the Waxahachie CARE organization, holds an activity bag given through J-Snacks.

Through the formation of the first outreach, another local ministry named In His Loving Arms chose to partner with J Snacks.

“In His Loving Arms provided the activity bag. They reached out to us. They came and said, 'We have these, could you use them?' And it was perfectly timed with when we were getting ready to get our J Snacks together, and we just thought these were perfect to go with J Snacks bags," Williams said. 

The first outreach was held in July 2020, and the second outreach was recently held during this year's spring break. 

“We would like to continue it. It all depends on our funding and the availability of items for the J Snacks bags. In the past we did it last summer, for one month in the summer, until it was gone. We also did it in the month of March. The kids were out for spring break. We did them until they were gone," Williams shared. "We’re thankful to the neighbor who had the vision to want to provide something for kids so that we could start this. We would love to continue the ministry, so if anyone has any resources they would like to add, we would love that.” 

In total, J Snacks has gifted about 125 bags through both outreaches. 

"We’ve gotten really good feedback from the kids and the parents. They love getting their special bag," Williams said. 

Waxahachie CARE is a local nonprofit providing food, utility and additional assistance to residents in need throughout Ellis county. The organization has additional programs to assist local residents. To view more about the organization, visit http://www.waxahachiecare.org/ .