$2,500 check donated to the Weable Foundation

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

On a gloomy Thursday morning, the Waxahachie Firefighter Association presented a $2,500 check donation to the Dinah Weable Foundation, after partnering with the local H-E-B to sell pink shirts and raise awareness against breast cancer back in October.

Little by little, firefighters from the association trickled in, awaiting for Dinah Weable and her husband Ray to make an appearance at the check presentation. Ray initially began the foundation for his Wife, Dinah, after she beat breast cancer herself. 

Members of the FFA, Ray and Dinah Weable, H-E-B members and Sherry Dyess posed, as the $2,500 check was presented to the Weable foundation.

Sherry Dyess, a board member with the Weable Foundation present at the event, shared her gratitude for the donation. 

“That is just beyond expectation. The first time they ever said they were going to do that, we were just full of joy. And every year they have given us such a nice donation,” shared Dyess. “My favorite part is when we give our check to Baylor because we know we are helping women.”

Two members from the H-E-B team were also in appearance: Robin Gaines, the Food Leader, and Erwin Butler, the Drug Director, were elated to help the foundation and partner with the FFA. 

“This is what H-E-B is all about. We partner with the community. This is something that’s a part of our culture. This is everyday life for us, and we appreciate everything that we can partner with the Fire Department and any kind of local people in our community,” said Gaines. 

H-E-B has partnered with the FFA for two years now, selling pink shirts and raising awareness. They give one-third of their sales to the FFA.

“About two years ago is when we really combined efforts to run and support this cause, and it’s worked out really well. We were working separately to achieve the same goal, and now we’re working together. It turned out to be really successful,” Butler said. 

The FFA has been aiding the Weable Foundation for more than 10 years now, selling pink shirts every October, according to Ed Konick the President of the FFA.

The FFA also presented H-E-B with a certificate of appreciation for their partnership, as Konick shook the hands of Gaines and Butler.

H-E-B partners Gaines and Butler were presented with a certificate of appreciation for H-E-B's partnership with the FFA.

Last year, the FFA donated $4,354.40 to the foundation. Although the check was smaller this year due to the COVID pandemic and the decline in sales, the foundation was grateful for the donation. 

“Seeing the impact is just kind of hard on that side, but whatever little thing we can do, especially if it’s the Dinah Weable Foundation ... It’s good to help people out. That’s a pretty neat situation,” said Jason Eubanks, a member of the FFA. 

Konick has set a goal of $5,000 for this next year’s donation, hoping to sell more shirts.

Before the foundation grew, Weable funded the foundation himself. Now, the foundation uses donations to help fund itself.

The mission of the foundation is to raise funds that will benefit the Dinah Weable Indigent Mammogram fund to assist in providing mammograms to those that are under-insured or uninsured.

Cindy Smith, the chairman of the foundation, was unable to attend the presentation of the donation but is appreciative for the donation that will go toward funding mammograms for women in Ellis County. 

"We are super excited and very grateful to be receiving a donation from the Waxahachie Firefighters Association. Even though we were not able to hold our survivor’s reception in October last year, the donations continued to come in. Our community is so supportive and truly understands there is a need to help under-insured women and men obtain with assistance in getting mammograms and radiation services," Smith shared. "The power of awareness is awesome and can do so many things. I believe that when the pink t-shirts are worn, people take a minute to stop and think what can they do to help fight breast cancer and/or other types of cancer."

The check from FFA will later be presented to Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Waxahachie.

"I would also like to mention that although we are unsure about an event for 2021, we are so blessed to have already received over $1,000 in donations since January," said Smith. "This does not include what we will be receiving tomorrow from the WFA. I expect donations to come in throughout the year because our supporters have the desire to continue saving lives by providing better access for breast cancer treatments as well as educating our community on new treatments."

The foundation has provided more than 1,200 Ellis County residents with the life-saving screening.