Tulipalooza raises $340,000 in its first weekend for charities; last day is March 28

Event returns, raises $340,000 its first weekend for charities; last day is March 28

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The Tulipalooza commenced on Friday morning, March 19, with 250,000 colorful tulips scattered all throughout the fields next to the Waxahachie Civic Center. 

Rows of yellow, pink and red filled the land, with visitors from all over coming to the annual event. 

The tulips bloomed throughout the fields of the Tulipalooza.

Poston Gardens began its Tulip Garden in 2019, planting 500,000 flowers last year. However, this year the garden had to alter a few things and became the Tulipalooza, a spring festival and fundraiser.

Rows of colorful tulips filled the fields.

"It's been fantastic. Especially considering the inclement weather we've had leading up to the opening. We were very pleased, and all our visitors were pleased, too. It will be better next year, but this year was really good and the main reason behind it, was raising money for charity was super successful. The best year yet," shared John Poston, founder of Poston Gardens. 

The first weekend the foundation raised $340,000, with all proceeds going to 12 leading North Texas charities.

One of the main goals Poston has through this festival is to obtain enough funds for scholarships going toward future residents of the Daymark Living facility. 

"I'm trying to raise money for scholarships for families who cannot afford to live at Daymark," Poston said. "The real goal is to raise money so that we can provide scholarship funds for residents at Daymark Living, and that first weekend we were able to get two commitments from donors for two three-year scholarships."

Last year Poston Gardens was shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Poston was unsure if the tulips would return to Waxahachie.

"We didn't cut it short; we got shut down. It was super disappointing, last year. I didn't really want to do it this year, but we had so much support from the city of Waxahachie and then supporters that donated money so that we could open, so we could do it again," Poston explained. "The first two years we planted a lot more, but like I said we got rained out ... and lost too much money the first two years because of weather and COVID. So we scaled back this year just to ensure that we wouldn't lose money."

In March 2020, Daymark Living facility came out with an initiative to "Save Poston Gardens," which is one of the reasons this year's tulips were planted and are blooming, thanks to that support, Poston said.

"So we'll build back up is the plan. This year was successful after the first weekend. We're going to do it again in 2022, as long as the city of Waxahachie is supportive," Poston said.

Not only has the Waxahachie commuity shown its support, but Poston had a visitor drive six hours to visit the Tulipalooza. 

The last day of the festival is Sunday, March 28, and features also include live music, a petting zoo and food trucks. The Waxahachie Civic Center is located at 2000 Civic Center Lane 75165 .

Folks can visit www.tulipalooza.org to get tickets and learn about the charities Poston Gardens has partnered with through the Tulipalooza. 

According to the website, 100 percent of ticket sales are donated to the charity of your choice.