This Ennis resident builds up children in Ellis County so they can have a brighter future.

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic changed things in Texas, Justin Chappell continues to help kids in the city of Ennis through his nonprofit and by volunteering through the Boys and Girls Club. 

The Boys and Girls Club kids gather around for a picture with Tim Alexander.

Chappell is an Ennis resident who has a passion to help kids become extraordinary. 

Founder of Bloodz for Christ, Chappell has been working since 2009 to keep kids off the street and into a good path, so they can have a brighter future. The organization partners up with the Boys and Girls Club in Ennis and supports more than 100 boys from Ellis County. 

“When kids turn about 12, they stop coming and we lose them. Where to? A lot of them end up on the streets; you just never know. Since COVID happened, they told us we couldn’t use the gym anymore. We’ve had four gun related deaths,” Chappell stated. 

Through his volunteer work with the Boys and Girls Club, Chappell has made great relationships with the kids. His heart is to teach them real life skills such as budgeting to help them later on in life. 

Recently, Chappell purchased a storage facility to build his vision in.

“I’m trying to put together a team facility. I teach financial education every Tuesday and Thursday to the kids: budgeting. We actually have a curriculum, and I’m just trying to do more. We teach kids carpentry, electrical, plumbing,” Chappell said. “We could do it on a bigger scale. There’s no reason for Ellis County to be having all these murders.”

Every weekend and throughout Spring Break, the kids have been helping build this facility. 

Chappell wants to have a gym and a studio in the facility as well. 

"The studio part should be ready this weekend. The gym – I mean it’s all out of my own pocket, so when I make money, I buy something," said Chappell. 

The principles in the facility are: 

  1. Integrity
  2. Financial Education; how to budget your money
  3. Health; where sports come in

As he continues following his heart to help the youth in Ennis, Chappell has gone out of his way to book motivational speakers who can positively impact the kids' lives. 

Last Thursday, Tim Alexander, a motivational speaker, spoke to the kids. Alexander is from Alabama. He was in a huge car accident years before and lost his legs before going to the NFL.

"If you believe you can, you can; if you believe you can't, you can't. We don't need it to be easy, we just need it to be possible," Alexander said. 

"He told the story of how he ended up paralyzed and how he overcame depression. He engaged with the kids and played with them. And signed books," Chappell shared. 

All the money that Chappell makes through his businesses goes back to helping the kids. 

“I’m a philanthropist. All of my money goes to these kids to try to change something," said Chappell.

If you would like to donate toward building the new facility or learn more about the BOC organization, call 214-554-8358 or email .