Cars from different eras make appearance at Pop's Burger Stand for cruise-in

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

Pop's Burger Stand transformed into a mini car show on Thursday evening, as old fashioned, stylish cars arrived for the fifth annual cruise-in. 

The parking lot was crammed with cherry red two-door cars, low-riders and more. 

The cruise-in began promptly at 5 p.m., with more and more cars rolling in. Community members walked around the lot, admiring one another's cars. 

Cars lined up all over at Pop's Burger Stand parking lot on Thursday night.

"Well because it's a little cool and the wind, I thought we would not have a great turnout, but the parking lot is full. It's a good turnout," shared Lee Edwards, owner of the burger stand.

During the seasonal event's kickoff night, people were able to visit the burger stand and enjoy a burger, as live music from the band Pocket Change was heard in the background. 

A bright red car shined next to the Pop's Burger Stand sign.

"We've had a couple today, first timers. We're a cruise in. It's not a car show where we're going to have a trophy and all that. It's just a cruise in," Edwards said. "And because I do it every Thursday night until November, just come when you can."

The band Pocket Change played throughout the night at the cruise-in, as people enjoyed looking at cars and eating food at Pop's Burger Stand.

Although Edwards knows that many folks will not attend every cruise in, he does have the faithful few that come every week and show off their rides. 

L.B. Lyon is one of those faithful said to have attended 99.9 percent of the cruise-ins, with his own 1985 Oldsmobile Toronado. 

"I've got a Facebook group called Gas Guzzlers of Ellis County. So I come out to the event. I take pictures of all the cars that are out here, and then I will post them on that Facebook group," Lyon shared. "I love seeing the old cars. I love seeing what people do to them, and I love the people that have these cars. They're just good people and fellowship."

For those who have never been to Pop's Burger Stand, Edwards recommends visitors to order his infamous "The Low & Slow." 

"It's a six and half (ounce), hand pressed patty, with barbecue sauce, monterey jack cheese, grilled onions and bacon," Edwards said. 

The next "Thursday Nite Cruise In" will take place on March 25 at Pop's Burger Stand, located at 107 S. Monroe St. in Waxahachie.