Waxahachie CARE donates school supplies to Life School campuses impacted by winter storm

Daily Light report

In February, dangerously freezing temperatures, coupled with long-standing power outages resulted in burst pipes that caused significant damage at two of Life School’s campuses.

Donations are prepared for the Life School Campuses who had damage leftover from the winter storm.

Life School Cedar Hill, and Life School Oak Cliff Secondary took a hard hit due to flooding.

According to a news release, "As the district worked together to find solutions to best support the affected campuses and the loss of personal supplies and materials that teachers suffered, a conversation between Life Middle School Waxahachie (LMSW) and a community partner would spark an opportunity that would largely benefit the affected campuses."

Boxes of supplies are stacked on a pallet for Life School.

Recently, Waxahachie CARE received two pallets of school supplies. As they searched for someone in need, LMSW Counselor Jasmine Mosely happened to stop by for a meeting with Waxahachie CARE’s Executive Director Kim Holman. At that time, Mosley mentioned the damage to Life School campuses and the need for supplies. Waxahachie CARE does not believe that receiving the donated items the same week Moseley came to visit was just a coincidence. “As donations come to us, we try to distribute them as soon as possible. When Ms. Mosely spoke about the need at Life School, we knew where the school supplies needed to go. We are so thankful we could give to this need,” says Holman.

As a result, Waxahachie CARE generously donated two pallets of school supplies. After receiving the supplies, volunteers at LMSW Waxahachie got to work sorting and organizing the supplies into large bags for teachers of their sister campuses that would help replenish some of what was lost in their classrooms.

“Thanks to this generous donation, LMSW, in collaboration with Waxahachie CARE, was able to donate a portion of the supplies to each [damaged] Life School campus,” says LMSW Principal Freddie Stanmore. There were enough supplies for every Life School campus to also receive face masks, hand sanitizer, and other supplies.

Waxahachie CARE’s motto is “neighbors caring for neighbors”. For that, Life School is grateful to our community neighbor and the impact that they have made on the district.

There is currently still a need for books that were lost due to flooding at Life School Cedar Hill. Those who wish to participate can do so by visiting their site online at https://lifeschools.galaxydigital.com/need/detail/?need_id=570113